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Reclaiming a stray dog or lost dog

Find out how to reclaim a dog and the charges involved.

During office hours

Phone: 01422 288001 to see if your dog has been collected or if we have any information about it.

Outside office hours

Phone our out of hours support who may be able to help with information about your dog.


To reclaim a stray dog from Council kennels, you must pay:

  • A Government fine;
  • and a Council administration charge;
  • and any veterinary fees and boarding fees.

The kennels do not have any discretion to alter these charges. The full amount must be paid to the kennels (cash or credit/debit card accepted), when collecting the dog.

Description of charge Charge (*)
Administration charge per reclaim. £30
Statutory charge per reclaim. £25
Kennelling: per dog, per day. £15.30
Kennelling: per litter of puppies, per day. £11.40

* Charge inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

The charges for reclaiming a single dog are summarised in the table below. This table shows the total charge payable, excluding veterinary charges, if you collect your dog on the day shown. Example, collect your dog on day four, after it was taken to the kennels, you will pay £115 reclaim charge.

Any veterinary fees are charged in addition to the charges shown below.

Days in kennels Total charge (*)
1 £70
2 £85
3 £100
4 £115
5 £130
6 £145
7 £160
8 £175
9 £190
10 £205
11 £220

* Charge inclusive of VAT @ 20%.

ID required

To reclaim your dog you will need one of these:

  • Driving licence.
  • Passport.
  • Utility bill with your name on it.
  • Rent book, pension book or mortgage payment book.


For details of the Council's kennels and how to get there, please phone: 01422 288001.

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