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Small Grants Scheme

Find out about the aim of our Small Grants Scheme and how you can apply.

Please note: This scheme is now closed. Details of the next scheme will be published when available.


The scheme funds projects that support our Vision 2024:

“Our vision for Calderdale in 2024 is for a place where you can realise your potential, whoever you are. Whether your voice has been heard or unheard in the past. We aspire to be a place where talent and enterprise can thrive. A place defined by our innate kindness and resilience. Also, by how our people care for each other, are able to recover from setbacks and are full of hope.

Calderdale will stand out, be known and be distinctive. We want it to be a great place to visit. More than anything, we want it to be a place to live a larger life.”

It does this by awarding one off grants of up to £3,000 from a total fund of £65,000. These go to groups and projects that meet the most outcomes from our Vision 2024 priorities:

  • Strong, thriving towns and places.
  • Reduce inequalities.
  • Climate action.

Vision 2024 priorities

Strong, thriving towns and places

The outcomes we look for are:

  • Improve the strength of our local communities.
  • Support for job creation and skills, mainly through volunteers.
  • Growth of the community and social enterprise sector.
  • The role of community enterprise is clear in a varied economy.
  • Key projects are economically resilient and viable.

Reducing inequalities

The outcomes we look for are:

  • Increased volunteers in regions of greatest need.
  • Community groups are supported to deliver projects and build local capacity.
  • The voluntary and community sector is supported to deliver high quality health and well-being events.
  • Improved equality and social cohesion.
  • Improved access for deprived communities.

Climate action

The outcomes we look for are:

  • Projects and activities to:
    • Save energy.
    • Introduce clean transport options.
  • Improve our local environment.
  • Promote healthy, affordable, sustainable and local food.
  • Boost community involvement and volunteering.

Each outcome met scores 1 point.

The more outcomes proposed to meet, the higher the score.

CultureDale and Year of Culture

Calderdale's Year of Culture 2024 starts in April. Over the years the Small Grants scheme has supported a wide range of cultural groups and activities.

To support the Year of Culture specifically we will also award 2 extra points to any applications for cultural activities. Culture includes many things: arts and crafts, food, heritage, natural environment, sports and more!

Priority groups

The scheme also has priority groups and these will be given an extra 5 points:

  • Small groups, defined as those having an income of less than £20,000 per year and no paid staff.
  • Groups who have not had a Small Grant from the Council in the past three financial years.

These applicants will be given a lower score (-3 points each):

  • Groups who had a Small Grant from us in the last financial year.
  • Groups with a free/unrestricted income of over £100,000 a year.

We encourage applications from and that help our communities that are hard to reach, such as:

  • People from ethnic minority backgrounds.
  • People from the LGBTQ+ community.
  • People with disabilities.
  • Refugees and asylum seekers.
  • People in poverty.

Managed by CFFC

This year's scheme (2023/24) will be managed by the Community Foundation for Calderdale (CFFC) on our behalf.

More information

Funding rounds

The scheme will have two funding rounds and the budget will be split between them.

First round - Autumn

  • Closed.

Second round - Spring

  • The deadline for applications is Sunday 4th February 2024, 11:59pm.
  • The Small Grants Panel will meet in March 2024 and awards will be issued shortly after.

How to apply

Contact us

For more details about the scheme in general, please contact us:

  • Address: Grants and Voluntary Sector Commissioning, Calderdale Council. 1st Floor, Princess Buildings, Halifax. HX1 1PS.
  • Email:

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