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Adult Services and Wellbeing

Find out what this directorates is responsible for.

For any query, advice or social care support for adults, please contact Gateway to Care:

Director: Cath Gormally

Please note: For general queries, please email:

Adult Services and Wellbeing Structure

Senior Leadership Team
  • Cath Gormally - Director of Adult Services and Wellbeing (DASS)
    • Margaret Rosser - Service Improvement and Quality Lead
    • Sean Cook - Assistant Director: Adult Social Care Operations
      • Libby Smith - Service Manager: All Age Disability and Mental Health
        • ​Terence Hevicon-Nixon - Operations Manager: All Age Disability and Mental Health
        • Vicky Buckle - Operations Manager: All Age Disability and Mental Health
      • Yasmeen Akhtar - Service Manager: Personalised Long Term Support
        • ​Helen McLaughlin - Operations Manager: Personalised Long Term Support
        • Liz Wainwright - Operations Manager: Personalised Long Term Support
      • Lorraine Andrew - Service Manager: Prevention and Early Help
        • ​Gemma Stead - Operations Manager: Community Prevention and Early Help
        • Annette Clancy - Operations Manager: Discharge to Assess
    • Jill Holbert - Assistant Director: Commissioning and Partnerships
      • Karen Midgley - Service Manager: Commissioning and Market Development
        • Alison Edge - Senior Placements Officer
        • Temp Vacancy - Strategic Commissioning Manager
        • Jane Hall - Strategic Commissioning Manager
          • Graham Mozley - Senior Commissioning Officer
          • Ginette Dickson - Senior Commissioning Officer
          • Jeanette Stansfield (fixed term secondment) - Senior Commissioning Officer
          • Rachel Pickering/Helen Woods (job share) - Senior Commissioning Officer
        • Lynn Powell - Strategic Quality Manager (Temp covering sabbatical)
          • Rachel Burdin - Senior Quality Officer
          • Gemma Routh - Senior Quality Officer
        • Lisa Walch - Strategic Contracts Manager
          • Christine Kendall - Senior Contracts Officer
            • Vicki Smith - Senior Brokerage Officer

Service areas

There are two divisions:

  • One managed by the Assistant Director for Operations;
  • and the other by the Assistant Director for Commissioning, Partnerships.

As a Council, we work with a range of partners, which include: NHS, Police, Housing Providers and the Voluntary Sector. This makes sure that there are good outcomes for the health and wellbeing of people who need care and support. We also work alongside colleagues in health settings, such as:

  • Calderdale Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG).
  • The acute and mental health trusts (CHFT and SWPFT).

This helps us to develop services that aim to improve the health and well-being of Calderdale residents.

Overview: Adult Services and Wellbeing

Adults Services and Wellbeing

Director: Cath Gormally

The Directorate has three broad functions:

  • Prevention. For example, Gateway to Care, Safeguarding and Hospital Social Work.
  • Long Term Support. For example, Social Work Practice and Locality Teams.
  • Direct Service Provision. Such as:
    • Some day opportunities for Older People and People with Disabilities;
    • Reablement;
    • Extra Care Housing;
    • Shared Lives;
    • and community/tenancy support for people with learning disabilities and mental ill health.

The Directorate's vision:

  • To enable people, who need care or support, to live independently and safely in their own homes;
  • for as long as possible, through social care practice;
  • and delivery that is increasingly strength and asset focussed.
Our objectives:
  • Focus on people's strengths, social networks and community assets.
  • Increase independence, community connectedness and economic resilience.
  • Support people to be in control of the things that are important to them.
  • Reduce long-term needs and minimise dependency.
  • Facilitate the right “prevention” and early help.
  • Provide a range of timely interventions, in conjunction with partners.

The building blocks to ensure that we can achieve our objectives and be the best we can be are:

  • The Best We Can Be:
    • Our Workforce is supported and representative.
    • Our Policies and Procedures are clear and consistent.
    • Our Systems are effective and efficient.

The Directorate is responsible for:

  • Information, signposting, assessment and direct delivery of Adult Social Care.
  • The commissioning of a range of support and interventions for Adults.
  • The All-Age Disability service working closely with the Director for Children and Young People's Services.

Our focus is to make sure that:

  • We provide accessible information to help people remain independent.
  • We deliver early help and support:
    • That connects people to their communities to prevent social isolation;
    • and gets people back 'on their feet'.
  • Where people are assessed has having eligible social care and support needs:
    • We build on their strengths;
    • keep them connected to their communities;
    • and maximise their independence.
  • Support and interventions are personalised and give people control and choice in how their support meets their outcomes.
  • There is a high quality social care market that is both sustainable and able to respond to changing needs.
  • Adults are effectively safeguarded from abuse whilst being supported to take positive risks to participate in community life.

Social Care Operations

Social Care Operations

Assistant Director: Sean Cook.

This covers three service areas:

  • Prevention and Early Help
  • Personalised Long-Term Support
  • All-Age Disability and Adult Mental Health

Prevention and Early Help

Service Manager: Lorraine Andrew.

  • Gateway to Care. The first point of contact for the people of Calderdale to obtain information and advice.
  • Community Hub. Provides early intervention, advice and guidance with a focus on delaying or deferring the need for long term support and ensures that people are supported and connected with their communities.
  • Hospital Discharge and Intermediate Care Hub. Undertakes Social Care Assessments with other disciplines such as: Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists, District Nurses, to enable people to be discharged from hospital.
  • Reablement. The team carries out community-based assessment and reablement to maximise a person's independence in their own home and local community.
  • Support to stay at home. A range of community-based support services and initiatives including home care, extra care, short term care, respite care, supported accommodation and housing support; these are either directly provided or commissioned from independent sector providers.
  • Accessible Homes Agency and Handy Person Service. Assists with the provision of major and minor adaptations for people with disabilities, to keep them safe and independent at home.

Personalised Long-Term Support

Service Manager: Yasmeen Akhtar.

  • Day Opportunities. Includes employment opportunities for older people including those with dementia and people with learning disabilities.
  • Social Work Localities Teams. Based across the five Primary Care Networks, supporting older adults and carers. The teams work alongside the individual and fellow professionals to achieve the best outcomes for people.
  • Palliative Care Team. Provides a dedicated social work support to adults with a palliative and terminal diagnosis.
  • Safeguarding Team. The Safeguarding Team works with care settings throughout Calderdale, to ensure people are safe. The focus of the team is to ensure Safeguarding is personal to the individual and appropriate and timely actions are undertaken.
  • Community Care Charging Team. Monitor and manage the payment of care services, offering support and guidance with debt management.
  • Charging Assessment Team. Undertakes financial assessments and support to determine how much, if anything, an individual should pay towards their care and support. The staff also provide advice with regards to income maximisation and benefit entitlement.
  • Direct Payment Team. Supports individuals who are assessed as eligible for care and support, to have greater autonomy over how, when and from whom they receive their care and support.
  • Day Opportunities. Community-based facilities offering in-house and outreach services to support the individual and carers. Service provision is available to individuals with Learning Disabilities and Older Adults with complex needs.
  • Appointeeship Service. Supports people, without capacity or a representatives, with their financial affairs.

All Aged Disabilities and Adult Mental Health

Service Manager: Libby Smith.

  • Sensory Service. Supports adults who have experienced loss of sight or hearing.
  • Working Age Adult Mental Health Service. Social Care Assessors working as part of the Multi- Disciplinary Team to support adults with complex mental health needs.
  • Older Peoples Mental Health Social Care. Assessors plan and provide support to older people to live as independently as possible in the community.
  • Mental Capacity and DOLs team. Assessors who work to ensure adults are not deprived of their liberty illegally.
  • Children's Disability Team. Provides all the statutory functions for Children with a Learning Disability.
  • Approved Mental Health Practitioners. Deliver statutory services in line with the Mental Health Act.
  • Business Relationship Managers. Support social care providers to deliver services that meet the fundamental standards of care and provide support to improve Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings.
  • A range of other All Age services that provide residential and community-based support to adults with both Mental Health needs and those with a Learning Disability.

Integrated Commissioning, Contracts and Quality Service

Integrated Commissioning and Partnerships

Assistant Director: Jill Holbert

Integrated Commissioning, Contracts and Quality (ICCQ)

Service Manager: Karen Midgley

  • This service (ICCQ) brings together all adults and children's commissioning, procurement, contracts and quality monitoring functions.
  • It has a budget of £86.262m -with the majority being for adults.

The service is made up by a number of smaller teams:

Commissioning Team

Strategic Commissioning Manager: Jane Hall

This team is responsible for the commissioning and the re-commissioning of services for adults and children's services (where appropriate).

Quality Team

Strategic Manager: Lynn Powell (covering sabbatical)

The main role of the team is:

  • To monitor social care and public health services;
  • and make sure that they achieve the desired outcomes and are safe and compliant.

To achieve this, they:

  • Evaluate a range of information and data from different sources;
  • and undertake contract monitoring visits and provider meetings.

Providers are both supported to improve and held to account.

Contracts Team

Strategic Contracts Manager: Lisa Walch

This team is responsible for the planning and delivery of procurement of health and social care services. They do this through tenders and quotation exercises, as well as with contract management.

  • A contracts register is kept for social care services. This is used to help keep the Client Information System up to date with contract and fee information.
  • The team carries out the annual fee review process.
  • It also makes sure that contracted providers are paid on time and in accordance with their contract terms.

Brokerage Team

Senior Brokerage Officer: Vicki Smith

This team is responsible for the brokerage of community care and support packages. (To support people to live independently in the community or packages that assist transition for people out of hospital.)

Placements Team

Senior External Placements Officer: Alison Edge

This team is responsible for the placement finding function for all externally commissioned children's placements. This is across all settings:

  • Residential;
  • independent fostering agencies;
  • and leaving care provision.

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