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Scrutiny reviews

Here you can find out how we do scrutiny reviews and some of the things we have looked at.

At times, a Board might decide to look at a topic in more detail.

  • Detailed reviews can be done by all the Board's members or they could appoint a few members to do it. (They would then report back to the full Board.)
  • They allow members the flexibility to do more research and information gathering into a topic. This is often done over several meetings and evidence is taken from a range of sources.

The Board will usually make a final report on the findings and recommend changes, if needed. This may then be passed to full Council, the Cabinet or external bodies. These can then consider if and how they can apply what has been recommended. The reports can be seen by the public via our meeting database or on request from the Scrutiny Team.

If a subject covers more than one area, 'joint reviews' with members from more than one board are started. An example is the Obesity and Suicide Prevention Review. This was worked on jointly by the Adults, Health and Social Care and Children and Young People's Boards.

The People's Commission

This was set up to look at proposed changes to hospital services for people in Calderdale:

  • To question organisations;
  • review the evidence;
  • and consult with people.

For details on 'Improving Health Together', read: 

For a summary of the report, read: 

For more details, please contact the Calderdale Scrutiny Support Team, email:

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