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Better Living Service

We offer safe and specific exercise and healthy weight programmes for pregnant and post-natal women.

Expecting and new mums


We work with midwives and other maternity services. This is to offer support and advice around safe physical activity and healthy lifestyles for pregnant ladies. It is done in a friendly and supportive environment, either 1:1 or in group workshop sessions.

Partners are also encouraged to think about their own health and well-being when supporting someone through pregnancy. We have a wide range of support available for them, such as:

  • Weight management.
  • Increasing physical activity.
  • Alcohol reduction.

This way, both parents-to-be can be at their best and ready to welcome their new baby!

To join up, you can self-refer or ask your midwife/health visitor to refer you.


Partners can self-refer on the contact details above.


Has your baby has arrived and you feel ready and able to come back to us? We can:

  • Offer support to keep up healthy lifestyle choices.
  • Point you to a variety of post-natal exercise groups held across Calderdale Sports sites.

A referral is not needed. Just call us on: 01422 230230 or email:

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