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Community care alarm service

Our community care alarm service offers you 24/7 access to emergency assistance from your home.

Calderdale Council, in partnership with Progress Lifelines, offer a community care alarm service which offers direct access to a Contact Centre from your home.

The Centre provides emergency assistance 24 hours a day in your own home, 365 days a year to help make your life easier, safer and more comfortable.

The service will help maintain your independence and support you to stay in your home for longer. The service also provides much welcomed reassurance and peace of mind, not only to yourself, but also to your family, friends and carers.

A trained installer will fit the alarm unit then once in place the system will be tested and you will be given a pendant to wear at all times. The system is designed to work in your home only.

When you press your alarm, you will be connected to the Progress Lifeline Contact Centre. They will ask you some questions and will send an Emergency Home Responder (EHR) to your property to assist you, if necessary. They aim to be with you within 45 minutes.

EHRs are trained to deal with a variety of situations. For example, assistive lifting after a fall and they will give support and reassurance until medical help arrives.


The service costs £4.51 per week and is payable to Calderdale MBC who will invoice you once the service is operational. All calls made to the Contact Centre will be payable by you to your Telecoms provider at the local rate.


We recommend that community care alarms are tested regularly by either yourself, a family member or a carer. This can be done on a memorable date each month, ie. birthday date, by pressing your pendant, wrist band or the red button on your unit which will connect you to the contact centre.

Testing provides reassurance to both you and the contact centre that your equipment is working correctly.

Key safe

If you live on your own, you will need a key safe fitted outside your home. You will be asked for a four digit number, which will be programmed into the key safe as the security code.

These are fitted free of charge by Calderdale Council.


If you want to know more about the community care alarm service, please contact us:

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