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Breaks for carers

Here you can find a number of services that can give you a break from caring.

Caring is a responsible and demanding role, often needed continuously over a long period of time. This can cause carers to have:

  • Increased levels of stress.
  • Ill-health.
  • Mental health needs.

At times, carers need a break for their health and well-being.

What services are there?

There are a number of services that can give you a break from caring. (If the person you care for is eligible after an assessment.) This can be away or in your own home:

  • Day time and evening sitting

    Someone can sit with the person you care for so that you can go out in the day or evening.

  • Short stays in residential care

    The person you care for can have a short stay away. This can be with residential care or dedicated respite service, to give you both a break. The length of the break can be one night to several weeks and is arranged to meet a person's needs.

  • Day centres

    Daytime support can be offered to the person you care for. There is a range of daytime provision that depends on the person's interests and needs.

  • Staying with a family

    The person you care for can stay with another family or spend time with them in the day. This is a registered service and families are carefully matched to the people they support. For more about this, please contact: The Shared Lives Team.

  • Direct Payments

    You can access Direct Payments for the person you care for, so you can be more flexible around their care. With this, you choose who provides the support and how you get it.

What is an assessment?

This is just a chat we have with you to make it clear what help and support you need. This is for the person being cared for and/or the carer.

Anyone in a caring role for a friend, partner or relative may be able to access these services. Whether this is caring for:

  • An older person;
  • Someone who has a learning and/or physical disability or a long-term physical/mental health condition.

What you will pay depends on your benefits, savings and income.

For more information, see: Carer's Assessment

Support for carers

Carers Wellbeing Service (Calderdale) is an independent organisation. It offers support groups that give carers social support, information and advice. If you are not able to leave the person you care for:

  • It can be arranged for someone to sit with them while you attend;
  • which gives you regular breaks from caring.

Making Space offers support to carers of people with mental health conditions. This covers emotional support, support groups and social activities that give you short breaks from caring.

If you are eligible after a Carer's Assessment, you could get a Carers Personal Budget. This can be used to pay for a short break away or activities to support your well-being.


For more about what help and support there is or to ask to be assessed, please contact: Gateway to Care.

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