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Children looked after

Children who are looked after are one of the most vulnerable groups in society.

Around two-thirds of children looked after by Calderdale Council are subject to a care order.

For courts to grant a care order they must be satisfied that a child:

  • Is suffering;
  • or likely to suffer 'significant harm' without one.

The other third are looked after on a voluntary basis under section 20 of the Children Act 1989.

Where possible, children stay with their family.

  • About 40% of children looked after away from home, return home within six months.
  • Most that stay in Council care are there because they have suffered abuse or neglect.

For more about our strategy, please read:

For more details, please contact the Children Looked After Team:

  • Address: Princess Building, Princess Street, Halifax. HX1 1TS.
  • Phone: (01422) 256053.

Children's rights

Contact the Children's Rights Service for support, if you are:

  • A child or a young person being looked after by Calderdale Social Care Services;
  • or a care leaver previously looked after by Calderdale Social Care Services (age up to 25 years).


  • Children’s Rights Service
    Centre at Threeways
    Nursery Lane, Ovenden
    HX3 5SX
  • Telephone: 01422 288251.
  • Text: 07774123270.
  • Email:

Children's social care complaints and compliments

Moving to adult social care services

If young people still need social care services at 18 years old, they will transfer to Adult Services.

After the child's 14th birthday, their Social Worker or Community Nurse will work closely with the Adult Services teams. This is to make sure they know about the child's needs and the transfer of service provider runs smoothly.

Children's homes

Some children, through no fault of their own, cannot live with their own family. We have a duty to arrange suitable places for them live.

Our options

Alternatives are:

  • Fostering;
  • adoption;
  • residential schools;
  • supported lodgings;
  • and children's homes.

Assessment of need

All children and young people are different and have different needs. Adults respond in various ways to the needs of children and young people.

Before we can help, we need to make an assessment of the child or young person's situation. This is to find out what their problems are and how they might be helped.

To make the assessment we will need to meet with the child and their family, possibly a number of times. We will also need to talk to other people who know the child and family. We will get consent before we talk to them, unless:

  • There is a concern for the safety of the child;
  • or other children.

A record of the assessment will be made, which will include:

  • The child and family's views and wishes;
  • what we have agreed we should all try to achieve;
  • and how this should be done.

Aims of children's homes

These are to:

  • Give children a comfortable home.
  • Help children achieve their full potential and life changes by giving services and information.
  • Enable each child and their family to make good choices and positive changes to their lives in a planned way.
  • Work with other professionals to make sure that children have good experiences during their stay. Also, to help children make the most of their social and school life.
  • Support young people through care and on to independent living, when this is part of the care plan.

Right Home

The Right Home service brings together some flexible services that support 11 to 25-year-olds.

It provides support at the right time and in the right place. It aims to give better outcomes for young people on the edge of care or at risk of becoming homeless.

The services include:

  • Range Street - 24-hour support accommodation for 16 to 26-year-olds.
  • An expansion to the Calderdale Foyer Service for 16 to 25-year-olds.

Each service offers something slightly different, with tailored support to meet the young person's needs. For more about any of these services or to refer yourself or someone else:

  • Phone/text the Young Persons Housing Access Team: 07766 465470.

Note: You must live in Calderdale to access any of these services.

For more about this, also see:

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