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Hearing impairment

We provide a service to anyone with hearing impairments who live in Calderdale.

We aim to help people to keep or improve their level of independence. For more about this, please contact us.

Specialist Inclusion Teams

This supports children and young people from birth to adult services who have:

  • An Autistic Spectrum Disorder;
  • or a hearing/visual impairment.

For more about this service, please see: Specialist Inclusion Teams.

Assessing your needs

For a wide range of issues arising out of hearing loss, we can offer:

  • Help.
  • Advice.
  • Equipment.

Several workers are qualified to British Sign Language Stage 1. Also, many have had Deaf Awareness Training.

Local care co-ordinators or specially trained and qualified staff will assess you.

Carers who give a lot of support can also ask for their own Carers Assessment. For more details, see: Care Act: Support for Carers.

Note: Specialist equipment can only be loaned to you after an assessment.

If you have complex needs, we will arrange for a Social Worker with Deaf People to assess you. We can offer long term support where needed.

For more about this, please contact us.

Recent or sudden hearing loss

We can offer advice and support based on your needs. More services may be offered through other agencies.

Make an appointment with your GP, if:

  • you feel that your hearing is getting worse;
  • or you would like a hearing assessment.


We must keep a register of people who are deaf or hard of hearing in Calderdale:

  • It is voluntary.
  • You do not have to be registered to ask us for help with problems arising out of hearing loss.
  • We have over 650 people that are deaf or hard of hearing on our register.

We assume that many more people with a hearing loss live in Calderdale and have not registered yet.

Equipment for daily living

Our staff can advise you about a wide range of equipment available, subject to an assessment of need, for example:

  • Flashing doorbells.
  • Flashing/vibrating alarm clocks or smoke alarms.
  • Phone amplifiers.
  • Text phones.
  • TV aids.

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