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Cultural strategy

We have worked with residents, organisations and key stakeholders across the region and nationally. This has helped to shape our ambition for culture in Calderdale.

Where creativity flows...

Why we have a cultural strategy

We are required to have one.

  • It sets out a borough-wide commitment, investing in and supporting culture. Also, the role that it plays to support many of our strategies.
  • It is also valuable to help attract investment into Calderdale.

This could be by:

  • Making some venues of culture better.
  • Year round events across the borough, like 'Year of Culture' in 2024.

This will help to showcase Calderdale as a vibrant place for tourists to visit.

Our broad meaning of culture covers heritage and arts, which could mean:

  • A visit to museums and galleries.
  • A visit to archives and libraries.
  • Go to theatres, events and festivals.
  • Take part in music, dance and similar arts.
  • Volunteer to look after our heritage sites, which include parks and gardens.
  • Cultural activities that you do in communities, with your families and friends.

We are delighted to present the outcome of the conversations held and the comments you gave during the the consultation.

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