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Appeal a planning decision

Here you can find information and advice on planning decision appeals.

The right to appeal

You have the right to appeal if your application has:

  • Been refused.
  • Had conditions added that you are not happy with.
  • Not been sorted by its target date or agreed deadline.
  • Been considered, after the submission of a 'Section 10a notice' to be non-valid. This being due to the information on the Local list not been submitted with it. (A Section 10a notice is a letter that states why you believe information is not necessary for your application).
  • You have been served an enforcement notice.

Making an appeal

Before you appeal

There may be scope to amend your planning application, rather than make an appeal. You can discuss this with your case officer. Contact details can be found on your notification, which states that your application is valid or non-valid.

How to appeal

Note: Before you start an appeal, please read the Planning and Enforcement appeals - privacy notice. This explains how we will deal with your information.

You can appeal online, visit: Make a planning application appeal.

You can also appeal by post. To get the necessary paper documents, contact the Planning Portal Customer Support team:

The decision will be reviewed by a planning inspector appointed by the Planning inspectorate. For more guidance, visit: Appeal a planning decision (GOV.UK).

Most appeals are free, apart from some Enforcement notice appealsNote: Appeals are time consuming for all parties involved.

All appeals can viewed online:

Search for planning appeals

You can also visit: Appeal or search for a planning decision or notice (GOV.UK).

Both the above websites include all documents and comments from the public (original and new).

Comment on an appeal

  • Only an applicant can make an appeal.
  • However, you will be notified that an appeal has been made, if:
    • You were notified of the original application;
    • and/or made comments about it. (You will have the chance to make more comments.)

Note: All appeal documents can be seen on the Appeal or search for a planning decision or notice (GOV.UK). This includes original and new comments.

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