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Specialist Inclusion Team

Find support for children and young people with sensory and physical impairments and Autistic Spectrum Disorders (ASD).

Most children and young people with SEND can have their needs met by support from:

  • Their school or other education settings;
  • and universal health/social care services.

At times, they need extra targeted support from specialist education services. In Calderdale these are provided by the Specialist Inclusion Team. This team supports those aged 0 to 19 that have complex needs. which includes:

  • hearing;
  • visual;
  • and multi-sensory impairment or Autism.

Their focus is to reduce and remove barriers to learning. This is to help all children with complex SEND to have access to:

  • the education they are entitled to;
  • and prepare them for adulthood.

The Team is made up of specialists who work together to:

  • Assess, advise, guide, train and support education settings and professionals.
  • Also, specialist support, such as:

The team also includes the Early Years SEND and Portage Teams. These offer support to young children and their families.


Specialist Inclusion Team:

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