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Post-16 choices

Here you can find careers guidance and options for disabled children aged 16.

Discussions about a child's choices at 16 begin in Year 9 when your child's development is reviewed. This review is special, as it begins to look at your child's dreams and ideas for the future. This is called a transition review.

Most disabled young people can have their needs met within their local mainstream school sixth form or college. All schools have a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo). They are responsible for making sure the needs of your child are met. Colleges have a Learning Support Manager that does a similar role.

Your child may decide that they want to study further and attend a college or university. Financial help in the form of allowances is available to SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) students: Disabled students allowance.

There is a resource for children with additional needs that provides for a flexible approach. This is known as:

  • The Notional SEN budget in Mainstream schools.
  • The Additional Learning Support budget at college.

What Next? in Calderdale booklet

They will get a copy of What Next? in Calderdale. This is full of information on some of the options available to help you prepare for adulthood.

We would like your feedback on the What Next? booklet. Have you found it to be useful? We are always looking for ways to make it easier to find the information you need. Please fill in a short survey about this booklet, which should only take two minutes. Thank you.

Education and employment guidance

Careers education, information, advice and guidance

Impartial careers guidance is given by C&K Careers to all young people in all Calderdale secondary schools.

C+K Careers also has a dedicated team of SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) Careers Advisers. These advisers operate in Calderdale secondary special schools. They help young people with their transition to further education, training, work or social care.

We can also support young people to access other opportunities such as supported internships and volunteering. The SEND Team also supports young people with an EHCP who are educated outside Calderdale.

Careers advisers begin working with young people in year 8 or 9, helping to prepare for the future. They may attend reviews held in school and will be available to discuss options with you. The help they offer can extend beyond school age, to Further Education (such as Calderdale College). Some careers advisers continue to work with young people who have an EHCP up to the age of 25.

C+K Careers Chat

This is a service for young people to call for careers support, advice and guidance on:

  • college or sixth form;
  • exams;
  • future options;
  • apprenticeships and training;
  • applications, CVs and interviews;
  • employment skills;
  • work and volunteering;
  • health;
  • money, housing, family worries and more.

The service is open Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Get in touch:

Further education

Talk to your careers advisor about what courses there are. Colleges are happy for you to go look around and ask them questions.

To arrange a visit and find out more, contact the college direct:

Are you thinking of going to university? Take a look at Hanna Louise's top five tips for people with disabilities and SEN.

Flexible Five Day Offer

This scheme is for students with an Education Health and Care (EHC) plan. It is so they can experience a positive transition from school to college and employment in Calderdale.

To apply for a place, please complete this form:

Transport assistance for Post-16 learners with SEN

Learners with an Education Health and Care plan are supported up to the age of 25, subject to finance.

For more on the Post-16 Transport Policy and application, please see: Learners with Special Educational Needs.

Council employment schemes

We run schemes to help young people gain worthwhile employment. You must be over 18 to do these.

Café HX1

Café HX1 is a free training café based at Higgins Close Day Centre. It offers catering and customer service skills for adults with a wide range of learning disabilities. This can support them to move on to paid or voluntary employment in industry. For more about this, please contact Lynne Dignam:

Flutter Bites Cafe

At times, younger people can do work experience at Flutter Bites Cafe, if supported through by their school:

Customer service opportunities in catering at the Flutter Bites Cafe in Halifax. This is a working café in Manor Heath Park. It offers work experience to people with a learning disability in a busy café. When vacancies arise, there is the chance to get paid employment. For more about this,

  • Phone: Helen Priestley: 07867 746628 (mobile).

Calderdale Adult Learning (CAL) courses

CAL offers a range of courses for adults with learning disabilities aged 19+ in a safe and friendly environment. Courses include: Art, Cookery, Maths, English, First Aid and Food Safety.

We are always interested in meeting the needs of the community. If you have any ideas about the courses you would like to see running, please let us know.

For more details on any of our courses, see: Adult Learning Courses.

Independent education institutions

For some young people, there are times when their needs cannot be met by a local mainstream provider. A more specialist one can be more suitable.

To help you find a post-16 specialist provider, the Government has a: List of approved special institutions .

For more about providers on the list, contact: SEND support.

For more details or advice on choices for those aged 16, please see: Post-16 options.

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