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Todmorden Town Hall

Here are details of the Town Hall, tours, how to rooms and more.

Please note: The town hall is now open for bookings.

Todmorden's civic pride

Todmorden Town Hall

The town hall is considered to be one of the finest municipal buildings in the country.

  • It has a 53 feet frontage at the County Bridge End;
  • extending 130 feet to the apse;
  • and measuring 67 feet to the top of the pediment.

One of its interesting external features is the pediment. The fine carved stonework has two central female figures on a pedestal. The left-hand one represents Lancashire (cotton spinning industry) and the right hand one Yorkshire (engineering and agriculture). Below the two figures are different friezes of the industries coming together to prosper on the border.

The striking mosaic on the building's corridor floor includes the Todmorden coat-of-arms with motto 'By Industry We Prosper'.

Todmorden Town Hall straddles the Walsden Water. It was in both Lancashire and Yorkshire until the county boundary was moved on January 1st 1888. Designed by John Gibson of Westminster, this Grade 1 listed building holds a strong place in the hearts of local people.

Inside the building there is an old Magistrate's Court which now serves as the Todmorden Town Council Chamber. The ballroom upstairs spans the length of the building. It holds many memories for those who have attended the variety of events held over 140 years.

Weddings at Todmorden Town Hall

The Town Hall is licensed for wedding ceremonies.

The Main Hall

The fantastic architecture of this Grade 1 listed building is showcased in this beautiful room. With its richly ornamented ceiling and plasterwork.


The room has and can be used for exhibitions, parties and meetings.

  • Capacity: 250 people.
  • 80 to 200 for a formal meal - wedding receptions and celebratory dinners.
  • 80 to 250 for theatre style meeting, conferences and concerts with the balcony being used.
  • Room size: 29.2 metres by 13 metres.

The Cockcroft Room

This has a large boardroom table and is ideal for meetings and presentations.

  • Capacity: 20 people.
  • A catering kitchen is adjacent.
  • WiFi.
  • LCD Projector and screen.
  • Room size: 7 metres by 6 metres.

Council Chamber

This can be used for wedding ceremonies, meetings, presentations, coffee morning and exhibitions.

  • Capacity: 50 people.
  • A catering kitchen is adjacent.
  • WiFi.
  • Room size: 13.4 metres by 8.8 metres.

Guided tours for 2024

These are led by Todmorden Town Hall Volunteer Tour Guides.

Please note: All tours must be pre-booked.

  • The tour takes around 60 minutes.
  • Tours start on Sunday 3rd March at 2pm.
  • Free Guided Tours start 1st Sunday of the month from March to December. (Except October, which will be on the 13th.)
  • You will have a detailed history of the Grade 1 listed building and get to see most of the rooms. (Due to renovation work, some rooms may be closed.)
  • Group/private tours are available:
    • £5 per person (a £50 minimum charge applies).
    • This includes tea/coffee and biscuits.

What some visitors have said:

Absolutely tremendous tour, all tour guides fantastic and quite rightly proud of the town and it’s people and history.

Fantastic tour.

To book or for more details, please contact Todmorden Information Centre:

Location details

  • Address: Todmorden Town Hall, Bridge Street, Todmorden. OL14 5AQ.
  • Phone: (01706) 813597.


To find out where you can park nearby, please see: Todmorden parking.

How to book

We would be pleased to discuss what you need and show you around. You can then decide if it is the right place for you. Please contact Tracy Ambler-Vinco (Public Halls Centre Manager):

If you feel the Hall is suits you and is available on the date you want, please complete the application form:

Todmorden Town Hall reservation enquiry form


There is a minimum hire charge for the first two hours for ceremonies:

  • Monday to Friday is £195.
  • Saturday and Sunday is £325.

Additional hours for receptions are charged at the following hourly rates:

Hire Charges

Room Charity/non-commercial use Commercial rate - Regular hirers
The Main Hall. £39.50 £47.50
The Cockcroft Room. £17.50 £22
Council Chamber. £23.50 £29.50

(VAT does not apply unless stated).

For commercial, one off bookings, please enquire for hire charge.

Additional charges

Service Charge
Use of the Grand piano. £35.
Tea making facilities. £6.50 per day.
Full kitchen facilities. £55 per day.
Tea/coffee/biscuits. £1.05 per head (plus VAT).
Digital projector and screen. £28 plus VAT.
Flip chart stand and paper. £7.70 plus VAT.
Performing Rights Society/Phonographic Performances Ltd. Charge varies (plus VAT).

Set-up and clearance charges

  • Set-up charge up to 3 hours at a discount of 25% of the relevant hourly rate.
  • Clearance of 1 hour at a discount of 25% of the hourly rate.
  • any additional hours to be charged at the full rate.
  • Additional hours not on the contract will be charged after the event at 1½ times the original rate.
  • VAT does not apply unless stated.

Staff charges

One member of staff is included in the hire fee.

Extra members of staff are required for all events where a bar is provided. Also, for events attended by around 100 or more people. The price per hour is £15 (inc. VAT).


There will be a discount to hire prices, if you book:

  • Six or more events per year, regularly spaced throughout the year (weekly, monthly or similar).
  • The same room(s) for more than one day, consecutively.
  • The Cockcroft Room (15% will apply to qualifying bookings).
  • The Main Hall and the Council Chamber (30% will apply).

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