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This policy explains what cookies we use and why we use them.

These are small text files that are stored on your device when you visit a website. We use them to improve your experience on our website.

This policy explains what cookies we use and why we use them. For more about cookies, please visit: Cookiepedia – All about cookies.

Strictly Necessary Cookies

We need these for our website to work right. They let you do things, such as access secure areas, add items to your basket and use online webforms. You can turn these cookies off by changing your browser settings, but doing so can prevent you using some features.

Preference Cookies

These help us to make our website more personal to you, as these remember your choices.

Performance Cookies

These let us monitor our website's performance. They help us to see which pages are doing well and areas where we can improve. We do not actively use these anymore, but there may be some areas of our website that still include them.


We do not actively set any marketing cookies. However, some pages may include content from third parties, such as YouTube videos or Google Documents. These content providers can set their own cookies. We cannot control what cookies are set by these third parties. However, we do give you the option to disable content from these providers.

Third party

We link to some third party systems that we have limited or no control over. These set their own cookies in line with their own policy.

Cookies we use

Category Cookie Purpose
Strictly Necessary CookieControl To store your cookie settings and stop you from being asked for your cookie preferences repeatedly, on every page.
JSESSIONID A session ID that you will come across when you visit some of our older web forms.
visid_incap_* Set by our firewall, these are for security and help to protect our website from cyber-attacks.
E3SessionID These are session cookies set by Oracle Engagement Engine. They are needed for webforms, account functionality and web chat to work right.
X-Oracle-BMC-LBS-Route A session cookie set by the network load balancer of Oracle to help improve performance.
ckGDPR This is to tell the Oracle Engagement Engine to include General Data Protection Regulation compliance.
Preference access_high_contrast This is set when you enable a high contrast theme.
access_text_only This is set when you disable images and browse the website in a text only mode.
noChat This is set if you ask not to see a web chat pop-up box again.
has_js This is set by our content management system to identify if your browser supports JavaScript.
Performance _ga These may be set by Google Analytics and allow us to see how users interact with our website. This helps us to monitor and improve performance. We are phasing these out, so you may not even encounter them.
Marketing DV Third party cookies set by Google when you visit a page that contains their content, like an embedded YouTube video.

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