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Vision 2024

Vision 2024

Our vision

Our vision for Calderdale in 2024 is for a place where you can realise your potential whoever you are, whether your voice has been heard or unheard in the past.

We aspire to be a place where talent and enterprise can thrive.

A place defined by our innate kindness and resilience, by how our people care for each other, are able to recover from setbacks and are full of hope.

Calderdale will stand out, be known and be distinctive.

A great place to visit, but most importantly, a place to live a larger life.





The transformation of The Piece Hall into a stunning international destination has kick-started culture-led regeneration. We want to build on this! We want to put Calderdale on the world map as the place to be for heritage, arts and music.

Kindness & Resilience

We want to use our strong community spirit and experience of bouncing back to help us prepare for any kind of setback.

Talented & Enterprising

We want people to achieve their full potential and make Calderdale the small business capital of the North. Also, to make sure that children get the best start and help prepare young people for life after school.

Where we are


Kind & Resilient

Enterprising & Talented

How it started

2024 is an important year for Calderdale

It’s the year that marks our 50th anniversary and will be a time to celebrate and reflect on what’s been achieved over the last half century.

But where do we want to be by 2024? How will the Calderdale of then be different from the place it is now? What ambitions do we share?

Find out where Vision 2024 started



2023 One Year To Go!


This year’s We Are Calderdale event was bigger than ever, marking one year to go until Vision 2024.

Over 300 people gathered to hear the story of the Vision – how far we have come since it was launched in 2018, stories from local communities, where we are now with a year to go, the future beyond 2024 and how everyone can work together. The event also highlighted the distinctive culture that makes Calderdale so special ahead of the Year of Culture in 2024.

It was a thought-provoking morning, with inspiring accounts from partners and performances from Calderdale College and Trinity Sixth Form Academy students bringing the Vision story to life.

Watch the presentation given at the event by Robin Tuddenham, Chief Executive of Calderdale Council:

Past events

2022 Calderdale Together

We Are Calderdale’s event theme this year was Calderdale Together - together we are stronger and more resilient.

It was wonderful to come together after a challenging few years. Although attendee numbers were limited, the event was livestreamed on Calderdale Council’s social media channels for a greater number to participate online.

Together with young people from both Calderdale and Trinity Sixth Form Colleges, we showcased how local people have collaborated, innovated and supported our communities and individuals. It was a thought-provoking morning as we listened to people’s stories, young people’s feelings about how we are responding to the climate emergency and discovered more about our community partners.

2021 We Are Still Calderdale

We are Still Calderdale event was a chance for businesses, stakeholders, leaders and residents of Calderdale to come together virtually to reflect on the past year and celebrate Calderdale’s community spirit and determination. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and social distancing guidance, the 3-hour event was livestreamed on Calderdale Council’s social media for attendees to participate online.

The key note speaker was Hannah Cockroft, Paralympic Champion and World Record Holder. She spoke of her personal challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Also, why Calderdale is such a resilience place and how it will bounce back post-pandemic.

The event was co-presented by students at Trinity Sixth Form, Halifax. They played a key part in every element from welcoming guests to closing the event with a musical performance by students from Calderdale College.

2019 We Are Calderdale

This year’s ‘We are Calderdale’ was a chance to celebrate the progress which has been made towards achieving Vision 2024. To recognise the challenges faced as a place and give a chance to share ambitions for the next 12 months.

The key note speaker was Julia Unwin, Chair of the Independent Commission on the future of Civil Society, who spoke on ‘The Power of Kindness’, one of the five themes within Vision 2024.

This was followed by the launch in Calderdale of the West Yorkshire and Harrogate Health and Care Partnership’s. These are ‘Looking out for our Neighbours’ campaign by Kim Leadbeater, sister of Jo Cox. This complements the Staying Well programme in helping to tackle loneliness and social isolation. More information on the campaign can be found at

Chief Officer at Calderdale CCG, Matt Walsh, led a panel discussion on the theme of ‘kind and resilient’ whilst John Fox, Managing Director at Lucy Zodion Ltd in Sowerby Bridge chaired a discussion on ‘enterprising and talented’.

Nicky Chance Thompson, Chief Executive at The Piece Hall Trust explored the ‘distinctive’ theme.

The Director of the Bradford Institute for Health Research and Clinical Director for the Yorkshire and Humberside Improvement Academy, Professor John Wright provided insights into the importance of building a healthy place.

Finally Calderdale Council’s Chief Executive, Robin Tuddenham, summarised the achievements and challenges of the past year. This included the autumn launch of the Council’s Inclusive Economy strategy, a key mechanism to grow the local economy and promote wellbeing across Calderdale.

Plans for the next 12 months are even more ambitious. At the event the new and unique Future Skills Academy was launched to develop future leaders across Calderdale with a learning programme developed by Calderdale College. The Council will also work in partnership with Public Square to improve local democracy, researching how to improve local decision making and participation by local people. The implementation of Calderdale Cares will continue, providing greater integration between health and care services so that local people receive the support they need in the place where they live.

And we affirmed our intent as a borough to work closely with Pennine Prospects, to make sure the distinctive landscapes of Calderdale are protected for the enjoyment of future generations with the creation of the South Pennines Park. This would stretch from Calderdale into Greater Manchester and Lancashire, reaching as far as the Dales and the Peak District.

‘We are Calderdale’ was hosted by Calderdale College and was co-designed by college students, reflecting our shared commitment to harnessing the talent of our young people. They played a key part in every element from welcoming guests, controlling the lighting and sound and closing the event with a specially commissioned Vision performance.

2018 We Are Calderdale

Many contributors to Vision2024 were invited to its official launch event in March 2018 at Calderdale College.

Partners, residents, businesses and community groups listened to talks, took part in interactive workshops and watched a package of films exploring the Vision’s themes.

The event was introduced by Calderdale Council’s Leader, Councillor Tim Swift and hosted by Chief Executive, Robin Tuddenham. Lord Victor Adebowale gave the key note address, during which he discussed what leadership means and how local people can best create change, before answering questions in a lively debate.

Speakers representing ‘heard’ and ‘unheard’ voices in Calderdale also spoke, using the Vision themes of Enterprising & Talented, Distinctiveness and Kindness & Resilience to talk about their experiences and hopes for the future

The event was a great opportunity for discussion and debate, giving people the chance to share their views on the future of Calderdale that helped define and create Vision2024.