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Calderdale maps

These have been made to give you map-based information.

Children and family

Children and family map

Adult learning centres, colleges, dentists, doctors, opticians, pharmacies, youth centres, schools and children's centres.

Healthy Holidays Programme

Mapping the provision in place as part of the Healthy Holiday Programme.

Warm Spaces

Warm and welcoming spaces in Calderdale.


Council assets

Political boundaries

Calderdale MP constituencies, ward boundaries, parish boundaries, postcode districts, postcode sectors, polling stations and polling districts.


Environmental map

Air quality management areas and Part B permitted premises, conservation areas, nature reserves, parks and recreation grounds, recycling, smoke control areas, water supplies.

Dog control orders

Areas where dogs can be on or off the lead, excluded and clean it up zones.

Mineral allocations map

This map highlights proposed new mineral sites within the Calderdale boundary.

Natural Flood Management (NFM) Opportunities

The purpose of the map is to identify areas where NFM initiatives will have the greatest impact and ecological impacts are likely to be low.

Biodiversity and Geodiversity

Designated sites and other biodiversity and geodiversity information.

Leisure and culture

Community growing areas

Leisure and culture map

Ancient monument, cinemas, libraries, markets, museums, sports centres and swimming pools, walking and cycling, rights of way, football and rugby pitches, tennis courts, theatres, venues, weaver to web and more.


Local Plan

Brownfield Land Register

The Brownfield Land Register provides up-to-date information on brownfield land in Calderdale.

Green Belt review

A map of Greenbelt parcels.

Neighbourhood Planning

Areas where Neighbourhood Plans are being prepared.

Planning map

Current planning applications and wind turbine applications.


Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment sites.

Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs)

Tree Preservation Orders and Conservation Areas.

Transport and streets

Gritted roads

Local street network, car parks, railway stations, 20mph speed limit areas

Other maps

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Historic maps

Ordnance Survey

Wildfire PSPO Boundary

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