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Find out about the education options available to young people leaving care.

Further education

If you begin to live independently during your college course we can provide a tenancy top-up that will help with some of the additional costs that come with this.

If you are at a local college you will be eligible for further education bursary payments if your college offers this. Your Pathway Advisor can help you enquire about this with your college or sixth form.

Higher education

If you plan to attend or are attending university, we can help you with everything from understanding the process to paying your accommodation costs. We will keep in touch with you throughout and make sure that you have the support you need to complete your degree. Some of the things we can help with include:

  • Paying you a bursary of £2,000. This is broken down into termly payments for the three years of your degree.
  • Helping you with equipment for your course if this is needed.
  • Planning your holiday accommodation.
  • Including contingency plans in your pathway plan in case university is not for you.
  • Planning for when you finish university.
  • If you are on a staying put arrangement with your previous foster carers we can pay a retainer to them so you can return in the holidays.
  • Regular keeping in touch meetings to check in and make sure you are okay.
  • Support to find employment when you finish university.

Postgraduate study

If you intend to start postgraduate study before you turn 25 then get in touch with us and we will think with you about how we can support you to achieve this. This might be support with loan applications, funding accommodation or considering any requests for financial support.


If you need laptops and other tech to enable you to complete courses, we can help to source or if needed fund technical equipment for your course should you need this.

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