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Independent travel scheme

This scheme helps your school to support vulnerable young people to be independent travellers.

This scheme is run by the Access Team and is for pupils that go to Calderdale schools and academies.

What we offer

Primary academies and schools

  • Classroom based activities in year five.
  • Road safety training.
  • (If required) bus journeys to and from the academy or school in year six.
  • Work is usually carried out by academy or school staff supported by the Independent Travel Team.

Secondary academies and schools

  • Involves learning the home to academy or school journey, often in small stages.
  • If more basic road safety work is needed, it is normally carried out by academy or school staff.

Independent in a Month Scheme

  • This takes place at Ravenscliffe High School and Sports College.
  • Young people are trained to become more independent in a month.
  • They can also learn routes to leisure activities, as well as the home to academy or school transport journey.

Summer Scheme

  • Training during the holidays to learn the route to their next place of learning.



  • £19 per hour and a £70 initial assessment fee. This is to support young people not eligible for specialist transport. Support material and travel costs for the student and the travel trainer will also need to be met.
  • No charge for pupils on specialist transport.

Please contact us for more details.


  • This service is funded by the Council.


Shirley Pearson (Transport Operations Manager), Transport Team:

Ann Exton, Transport Team:

Jason Oldroyd, Transport Team:

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"He is a totally different child now he has his independence. He is a very happy boy" (parent).

"It's much better going on the bus because you can sit and talk to your friends" (pupil).

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