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Special Educational Needs (SEN) Team

Providing schools and parents with advice and guidance for children with special educational needs.

What the team does

  • Complete the Education Health and Care (EHC) plan needs assessment process. This is in line with the:

    • Children and families act 2014;
    • and the Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) 0-25 years code of practice.
  • Review the EHC plan on an annual basis.
  • Provide schools with:
    • Advice and guidance on the procedures adopted;
    • statutory rights of appeal;
    • admission arrangements;
    • and any other issues arising out of the assessment of a child's needs.
  • Provide parents with:
    • A key point of contact;
    • opportunities to discuss progress and provision;
    • details of their rights of appeal;
    • signposting to other appropriate services and more.

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For full details of the EHC needs assessment and other services, please see: Local Offer.


To find out more about EHC assessments/plans:

Joint Local area SEND inspection in Calderdale

Ofsted and the Care Quality Commission (CQC) have published a glowing report into Calderdale's services. It reflects how the whole area (including settings) supports SEND in Calderdale.

To see the full report, visit: Ofsted: Calderdale Local area SEND inspection report.

More information

Unique Ways is parent-carer led and supports disabled children and their families. For more about what they offer, visit: Unique Ways.

You can find a lot more on our Local Offer pages, which includes:

  • Services on offer;
  • information on assessments and transition from school;
  • disabled students allowances;
  • and links to other organisations.

For more information on advice and materials for teachers, parents and others that work with children with special educational needs and/or disabilities, see: Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilites (SEND) (GOV.UK).

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