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Young carers service

Support children and young people who live with and help to care for people with physical or mental health problems, learning difficulties or addictions.

We work with young carers to support them and provide:

  • A safe space to meet other young carers.
  • Respite from their caring role.
  • Tailored support to address needs identified through a statutory Young Carers assessment.

Who the young carers service supports

We support children and young people aged over 8 years and under 18 years who live with and help to care for someone who has:

  • Physical or mental health problems.
  • Learning difficulties.
  • Drug or alcohol problems.

Schools are crucial in the identification of young carers. Many are hidden from the view of other services. To make a referral to Calderdale Young Carers, please contact us.

What service do we provide?

  • Statutory Young Carers assessment leading to an individual plan of support for each young carer.
  • Support in schools through the Young Carers Passport scheme and drops ins.
  • Group activity sessions: weekly meet ups for young carers, social events, short projects working on specific topics including consultation around service changes or improvements and future planning.
  • Targeted group work for young carers to improve their emotional health and wellbeing.
  • Individual support: time to talk and work on a particular need or problem.
  • Advocacy: supporting young carers and their families to have a louder voice.

'Young Carers in Schools' initiative (YCiS)

This initiative makes it as easy as possible for schools to support young carers and awards good practice. This is run jointly by the Carers Trust and The Children's Society.

YCiS works with schools across England to share good practice, provide relevant tools and training and to celebrate the great outcomes many schools achieve for young carers. Due to the increased pressure of Covid-19, now is a crucial time to be implementing support for young carers in school. We can provide further information and support to your school to work towards the awards.

For more details, see: Young Carers in Schools programme.

Young carers passport

In 2012 Calderdale launched the Young Carers Passport scheme. This enables young carers to show a pass to gain access to additional support in school. The pass means the young carer doesn't have to explain their whole situation to every member of staff. Instead, they can easily access discrete support and be signposted to the young carers lead in school.

The scheme also offers staff training and awareness in schools. this is to make sure staff know what to do if young carers identify themselves in school. If you want to find out more about the scheme, please contact us.


Vanessa Graham, Young Carers Coordinator, The Orange Box Young People's Centre:

More information

See: Young Carers Service.

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