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Asbestos is hazardous, read more about disposing of it...

Asbestos is hazardous and only small amounts of cement bonded asbestos types will be accepted (grey colour). This is usually from roofing, garages and fall pipes. We do NOT accept any blue, brown or white (fibrous) asbestos. This requires a specialist contractor.

If you wish to dispose of asbestos: 

  • you can bring up to a maximum of 8 sheets or 200 kg per year;
  • it MUST be double wrapped;
  • it can only be dropped off from Monday to Friday (8am - 4pm);
  • it MUST go in the asbestos container at: Halifax Household Waste Recycling Centre;
  • you MUST make an appointment and 24 hours notice is required.

To book your visit, please phone: 01422 417720.

For larger quantities, a commercial asbestos contractor must be used.

Only Calderdale residents can dispose of their asbestos at the HWRC. On arrival, you MUST show a Council Tax bill to prove you are a resident. You MUST carry your own waste. If another person or builder carries the asbestos, it then becomes trade waste. This would then need a waste carriers license and taking to a licensed facility. We do NOT accept trade waste at the HWRCs.

Site staff are not able to help unload or lift asbestos. Make sure all parcels are a size and weight that you are able to put them in the container yourself.

All asbestos must be double wrapped in thick polythene or Visqueen and sealed with strong, all-weather tape. This is to keep it secure and avoid dust release when handling.

When handling asbestos, we advise you to:

  • Wear suitable clothing and protective footwear:
  • overalls with elasticated wrists and ankles;
  • head protection;
  • dust masks;
  • goggles;
  • and gloves (all of which can be disposed of as asbestos waste afterwards).
  • Thoroughly wet the asbestos with clean water before handling.
  • Avoid breaking up the asbestos!

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