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Norland Moor

Norland Moor is majority owned and managed by Calderdale Council. It provides nearly 100 hectares of important heath and moorland habitat.

Norland Moor is held high in the affections of the local population. There is a wide variety of user groups that embrace its sense of open space, views and peace.

It is a product of thousands of years of human influence and natural processes. Although, it is widely thought of as a natural and wild place.

It also offers a home to a variety of specialist plants and animals.

It is the largest outdoor resource that the Council owns.

Public survey - Cycling on Norland Moor, Calderdale

A survey was carried out in 2022 from 14th October to 11th November. This was to gain insight into whether the public supported a change in legislation to permit cycling on the Moor.

The survey was distributed to Calderdale Council’s Citizen’s Panel (Talkback) and was also hosted on the Council website. It was promoted via news media, library services, social media and direct mail to local groups, businesses and organisations. In total, 698 survey responses were collected.

The survey showed:

  • 70.8% of people supported the proposal to permit cycling on Norland Moor.
  • A further 11.2% supported the proposal with some conditions attached.
  • 17.5% were against the proposal.

For more details, please see:

Decision process

In response to the consultation, a recommendation was made by the Portfolio Liaison Meeting that permission be granted. As an operational matter the decision now requires endorsing by the Chief Officer as approved, rejected or subject to modifications. Notice of this decision will be updated on this Council webpage.

Action plan

All decisions will be supported by an Action Plan to manage the recreational usage of the Moor. This will provide the management actions that cover the key areas of communication, signage, health and safety, path erosion and monitoring.

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