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Citizenship ceremonies

Find out about applying for British Citizenship and what the process is.

Once an application for British Citizenship is approved, new citizens aged 18 and over must attend a citizenship ceremony. This is most often in the area where they live.

The ceremony should take place within three months of the application being granted. It includes:

  • Making either an oath or an affirmation of allegiance to the Crown;
  • and a pledge of loyalty to the United Kingdom.

Minors (those aged 17 and under) do not have to take part in ceremonies. They can come with their family, if they want to.

We are sent details of people who live in Calderdale that have been granted citizenship. Small group ceremonies are held each month and we contact new citizens to invite them to one.

The ceremonies are a formal occasion, but also warm and welcoming.

  • The ceremony begins with welcome speeches from the Superintendent Registrar (SR) and local dignitary.
  • The applicants then affirm their allegiance to the King together and repeat the words after the SR.
  • They then give their pledge of allegiance to the United Kingdom, which is again repeated after the SR.
  • Each applicant then comes forward to get their certificate from the local dignitary.
  • The SR closes the ceremony with a speech to congratulate you.
  • At the end, everyone stands for the National Anthem. There is then the chance for photos to be taken.

Each applicant gets a Home Office information pack with their certificate.

For more about this, contact: Calderdale Register Office.

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