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West Yorkshire Low Emissions Strategy (WYLES)

Here you can find out about the West Yorkshire Low Emissions Strategy (WYLES).

The five West Yorkshire Authorities have been working for a number of years to bring about improvements in air quality. A problem common to each is poor air quality due to:

  • Nitrogen Dioxide;
  • and airborne particulate matter.

Things can be improved by these authorities working together to develop a Low Emissions Strategy. This five-year strategy sets out our collective ambitions and objectives. This is together with the West Yorkshire Combined Authority and working with Public Health England.

The goal is to create a healthier place for people to live, work and visit via:

  • Lower harmful emissions;
  • and improved air quality.

This closely links to our own ambition to:

  • Promote growth;
  • reduce inequalities;
  • and do business in a sustainable way.

The WYLES has several aspects, but overall it is to improve air quality as we:

  • Promote the use of cleaner transport technology and better transport choices;
  • and think about new development and how it can lower exposure to poor air quality.

We adopted the strategy in December 2016, which is important because:

  • Poor air quality causes health issues, such as breathing problems and heart conditions. It also leads to premature deaths.
  • Exhaust fumes from traffic (more so from diesel vehicles) is one of the main causes of poor air quality.
  • People inside vehicles and those living and working near busy roads are exposed to the poorest air quality.
  • Levels of air pollution in some urban areas of West Yorkshire exceed legal limits.

The core of the strategy is formed from:

These documents may be revised in the future and the strategy may be amended.

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