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Prevent resources

Access training and resources related to Prevent.

The Counter Terrorism and Security Act (2015), puts a legal duty on specified authorities. This is to give due regard to the need to prevent radicalisation and extremism.

The Prevent duty guidance outlines the responsibilities of specified authorities: Prevent duty guidance .

For sector-specific guidance, visit: Counter Terrorism strategy 2010 to 2015 government policy .

How Prevent ready are you? To help measure where you are now, please use this form: 

Training courses

There are a number of professionals across Calderdale qualified to deliver WRAP3 training (Workshop To Raise Awareness Around Prevent).

We have regular courses running via the Council's Workforce Development team. For more about training, contact:

Online training

Resources can be found on the Home Office web site:

For a Prevent training catalogue, visit: Channel training online .

Posters and leaflets

Other resources

Health Professionals and schools

Online safety

  • Educate Against Hate Parents' Hub. Here you can find resources and Government advice for parents and carers on keeping young people safe from extremism.
  • ACT Early. Here you can get advice and support for parents and carers to keep children safe from online radicalisation.
  • UK Safer Internet Centre. Here you can get guides for privacy settings, parental controls and internet safety features of the major Internet Service Providers.
  • Parent Zone. This site works with Prevent to offer digital safety advice for parents.


For more about Prevent, please contact:

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