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(This content has been translated by a computer program and may not be 100% accurate.)

Be prepared for pandemic influenza

This is a type of flu that occurs every few decades. It spreads quickly to affect most countries and regions around the world.

The symptoms are like those of 'ordinary' flu, but are often much worse.

The Department of Health takes the lead on planning for Pandemic Flu. It is also important that other organisations, including Calderdale Council, work with them.

  • In the event of an outbreak, a response is only effective if people and communities cooperate and support it.
  • Information and advice will be published at the time of a pandemic.

Visit: Pandemic flu: public health response (GOV.UK) for more about:

  • The risk of pandemic flu occurring in the UK.
  • What makes it different from the ordinary flu that we get every winter.
  • What the UK is doing to prepare for a possible pandemic.

You can help to reduce the risk of infection if you:

  • Cover the mouth and nose with a tissue when you cough or sneeze.
  • Put dirty tissues in a rubbish bin, promptly and carefully. (Catch It, Bin It, Kill It.)
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water. (This reduces getting the virus from contact with infected surfaces and from passing it on.)
  • Use normal cleaning products to clean hard surfaces often, such as kitchen worktops and door handles.
  • Make sure that children also follow this advice.

For more details, visit: