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Exploring vision

Start the conversation about our future by exploring Calderdale through three chapters that help define who we are.

2024 is an important year for Calderdale

It’s the year that marks our 50th anniversary and will be a time to celebrate and reflect on what’s been achieved over the last half century.

But where do we want to be by 2024? How will the Calderdale of then be different from the place it is now? What ambitions do we share?

Here you’ll find interactive content across themes of DistinctivenessKindness & Resilience and Enterprising & Talented that focus on 2024 and our ambition for Calderdale by that time.

Join the conversation by using #VisionCdale2024

Our vision statement

Our vision for Calderdale in 2024 is a place where you can realise your potential whoever you are, whether your voice has been heard or unheard in the past.

We aspire to be a place where talent and enterprise can thrive. A place defined by our innate kindness and resilience, defined by how our people care for each other, able to recover from setbacks, full of hope.

Calderdale will stand out, be known, and be distinctive. A great place to visit, but most importantly, a place to live a larger life.

We are Calderdale

We Are Calderdale is a short film that talks about Calderdale as a place, the Council, what we stand for, and the work we do.

How it started

Event launch

In 2018 a special event was held to officially launch Vision 2024. People from across the region came together to listen to some of the ‘heard and unheard voices’ of Calderdale and have their say on our future

Video highlights

Vision 2024 event - The highlights

Key Note Speaker Baron Victor Adebowale

Tim & Robin’s Highlights

Distinctiveness Highlights

Enterprising & Talented Highlights

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