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Report flooding to your property

Use the emergency flood registration form to report a recent flooding to your home.

If you have recently been flooded, please let us know.

  • This will help us to determine the best way to help you and access the right support.
  • It will also assist us to investigate the flooding and help to prepare well for future floods.

Before you begin, it would be helpful to have these details to hand:

  • Whether you have insurance covering flood risk. 
  • Information on the type of insurance you have (buildings and contents, buildings only, contents only).
  • If you rent, please provide the name and telephone number of the landlord:
  • If you rent, does the landlord provide building insurance?

For information on what support is available, see: Flooding advice and support.


This form is to collect requests for support and forward the details onto the Council services who will help you. We may also use your information to other organisations who provide support and guidance during the recovery period. View our Emergency flood registration form - privacy notice.

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