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Educational welfare service

We aim to improve attendance, achievement and attainment for all Calderdale children and young people.

Resources include statutory guidance, service information, absence and non attendance, guidance on Children Missing Education (CME) and home education.

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What we can do for you


  • Develop partnerships between home and academy or school.
  • Provide arbitration and negotiation between families and academy or school.
  • Inform school staff regarding parental attitudes and perceptions.
  • Facilitate Early Intervention Child and Family Single Assessments within a multi-agency framework.
  • Use statistical analysis to identify specific academy or school related issues.
  • Provide guidance on safeguarding and a range of related matters.
  • Regularly inspect academy/school registers in line with the law.
  • Issue Penalty notices and prosecute in the Magistrates' court.

For more about this service, please see: Educational welfare.


This is offered as a traded service model to all schools alongside delivering the local authority's statutory duties. To discuss this further, please contact:


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