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Youth Works

Find out about Youth Works at the Orange Box in Halifax.

The Youth Works drop-in is at the Orangebox (Halifax town centre). It is always staffed by youth workers and is a safe space for young people aged 13 to 25. So, come along and 'chill out', listen to music, access the Internet or have a brew.

The drop-in is:

  • Staffed by youth workers who can offer advice, information, support or guidance. This is on the whole range of issues that affect young people.
  • Open weekdays from 3.30pm to 5.45pm.

About Youth Works

It is a:

  • Specialist detached project managed by our Young People's Service.
  • Key partner in the wide range of services offered from Calderdale's state of the art youth provision.

The main aim of this is to act as a bridge between young people and existing/planned support services. This is by making contact with young people in the places where they meet naturally. Also, through professional relationships that help them deal with their issues or get access to the right services and treatment.

It supports young people who have difficulties through a range of issues. These include substance/alcohol abuse, antisocial/criminal behaviour, homelessness, lack of education, training/employment chances and family/personal problems.

There is one-to-one support to help you deal with any issues. Youth workers will sit down with you, work out where you want to get to and help you get there.

Youth Works guarantee

  • To treat you as an individual.
  • Your priorities will always come first.
  • To offer you choices and not make decisions for you.
  • You choose what is best for you.
  • To advocate for you and support your choices.
  • We will attend appointments with you if that is what you need.
  • To always have approachable staff on the streets at times when you can meet them.
  • You can see a member of staff almost immediately.
  • To always give you a say in how the service develops.
  • Your ideas are important to us, tell us how we can improve.

Where we are

In Halifax town centre next to the Westgate entrance to the Piece Hall.


Youth Works, Orangebox Young Peoples' Centre:

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