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Nature reserves

Find out about and visit local nature reserves in Calderdale including Ogden Water, Cromwell Bottom, Jerusalem Farm, Long Wood and Scarr Wood.

Local Nature Reserves (LNRs) offer people a special chance to study or learn about nature or simply to enjoy it.

There are over 1,400 LNRs in England that include:

  • Windswept coastal headlands.
  • Ancient woodlands.
  • Flower-rich meadows;
  • Former inner city railways.
  • Long-abandoned landfill sites.
  • Industrial areas now colonised again by wildlife.

In total, they cover almost 40,000 hectares, an impressive natural resource that makes an important contribution to England's biodiversity.

They should be managed to:

  • Maintain and enhance their special wildlife and geology;
  • and provide access to nature for local communities.

For more on nature reserves in England, visit: Natural England (GOV.UK).

In Calderdale we have 10 LNRs, which are:

  1. Milner Royd
  2. Ogden Water
  3. Cromwell Bottom
  4. Shibden Park and Cunnary Wood
  5. Jerusalem Farm
  6. Long Wood and Scarr Wood
  7. Gorpley Clough
  8. Beechwood Park
  9. Norland Moor
  10. Colden Clough

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