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For businesses over 3 years old

Growth Managers provide free support for business to business (B2B) and business to customer (B2C) businesses over three years old.

Growth Managers

Our dedicated and knowledgeable, team work with you to support your businesses plans and help achieve growth.

They can help you to navigate the complex business support, analyse any barriers to growth and understand the challenges faced by SME businesses in Calderdale.

This free to access service supports economic growth, productivity and resilience. We offer solutions and guidance by bringing in specialists from different support programmes at the right time in the SME growth journey.

We can help you:

  • Become more sustainable and energy efficient.
  • Access finance and equity investment.
  • Invest in digital technologies.
  • Improve productivity and support innovation.
  • Recruit, develop and upskill staff to improve workplace culture.
  • Reduce your environmental impact by making your premises more energy efficient and recycling your waste.
  • If you export or want to trade in new international markets.

Available for:

  • B2B and B2C (eligibility criteria of over 50% revenues generated outside of West Yorkshire) businesses.
  • Business over three years old.
  • With 5 – 100 employees.
  • With growth ambitions.
  • Based in West Yorkshire.

Meet the team

Liz Cross

Liz has over 30 years of extensive and diverse commercial experience within owner managed businesses.

She is the co-founder of two SME start-ups which she developed and positioned for strategic exits within the tech sector.

Liz has an understanding of:

  • business financial functions;
  • operational processes;
  • stakeholder relationship management;
  • and intellectual property protection.

Jon Crowther

Jon has over 15 years of business support experience. This is while working for Calderdale Council and more recently, the LEP (Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership).

He is passionate about Calderdale and has good knowledge of the local business community through his links with:

  • Business for Calderdale;
  • Calderdale and Kirklees Manufacturing Alliance;
  • and the local business networks.

Jon also has good knowledge of the local commercial property market and works with many local landlords and commercial agents.

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