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Temporary event notices

Guidance on temporary event notices and how to apply online.


You can apply and pay for this licence online.

Temporary event application

Payment can be made by debit or credit card. The current fee is £21.

What is a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)?

Temporary Event Notices are for temporary events involving licensable activities prescribed under the Licensing Act 2003.

Such activities can include the sale of alcohol, the supply of alcohol to or on behalf of a club member, regulated entertainment and late night refreshment.

A Temporary Event Notice can be used to

  • Authorise a licensed activity at a premises not currently licensed - eg selling alcohol at a school fete.
  • Temporarily extend the hours for providing a licensed activity at an existing licensed premise.
  • Provide licensable activities not authorised by the existing license.

The premises user, the person giving the Temporary Event Notice (TEN), does not need a personal licence to sell alcohol under a TEN.

Unlike a Premises Licence, the application does not need to be advertised.

The police or local authority exercising environmental health functions may intervene to prevent such an event taking place, or agree a modification of the proposed arrangements. Their intervention may in some cases result in the licensing authority imposing conditions on a temporary event notice.

Using a Temporary Event Notice (TEN)

The TEN must be given to the Licensing authority in the form prescribed in regulations made under the 2003 Act. Unless it is sent electronically, it must be sent to the relevant licensing authority, to the police and local authority exercising environmental health functions at least ten working days before the event (although a premises user may give a limited number of TENs to the licensing authority less than 10 days before the event to which the relate). 

Calderdale Licensing Authority encourages premises users to give notice earlier than the ten working days limit to ensure there are no delays.

The Licensing Authority will either acknowledge receipt of the notice or, in consideration of any Police or Environmental Health objection, will refer the matter to its Licensing Sub Committee for consideration.


The police and local authority exercising environmental health functions have a period of three working days from when they are given the notice to object to it on the basis of any of the four licensing objectives.

There are two types of TEN; a standard TEN and a late TEN. These are subject to different processes:

  • a standard notice is given no later than 10 working days before the event to which it relates; and
  • a late notice is given not before 9 and not later than 5 working days before the event.

Limits on the use of Temporary Event Notices

Anyone aged 18 years or over can give a maximum of 5 Temporary Event Notices per calendar year. Personal Licence Holders can give a maximum of fifty Temporary Event Notices per calendar year.

Temporary Event Notices are subject to other maximum limits, as set out below:

  • Each event covered by a TEN can last for a period of up to 168 hours.
  • No more than twelve TENs can be given in respect of any particular premises in one calendar year, subject to a maximum aggregate duration of the periods covered by TENs at any individual premises of 21 days in any one calendar year.
  • There must be a minimum of 24 hours between events notified by a premises user or associates of that premises user in respect of the same premises.

A TEN is treated as being from the same premises user if it's given by an associate. The Act defines an associate as being a spouse, child, parent, grandchild, grandparent, brother or sister or their spouses, or agent or employee of that person or their spouse.

Using Temporary Event Notices for a series of events

It is possible to send a series of TENs together (for one calendar year, for example) provided that the first of the events is at least ten working days from the date received by the Licensing Authority.

Please note: A separate TEN must be submitted for each event along with the prescribed fee.

Large scale events

TENs cannot be used for events of more than 499 people at the premises at any one time.

If you are planning such an event, you will need to obtain a Premises Licence if the premises are not already licensed.

Please contact the Licensing Authority to discuss any requirements further.

Planning laws

The giving of a TEN does not relieve the premises user from any requirements under planning law for appropriate planning permission where it is required.


Under the Act it will be unlawful to allow any unaccompanied child under the age of 16 to be present on premises where the TEN is exclusively or primarily used for supply and consumption of alcohol. It will also be unlawful to permit children under 16 not accompanied by an adult between midnight and 5 am into any premises operating under a TEN supplying alcohol for consumption.

Notes and regulations

The Government gives full details of Temporary Event Notice Regulations: for further information visit Temporary Event Notices (GOV.UK).

Temporary event notice guidance notes

This information describes:

  • When a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is needed.
  • Guidance on giving a TEN.
  • The process for dealing with an objection.

It is for guidance only. It is not meant to be a comprehensive or exhaustive explanation of the requirements and obligations arising out of the Licensing Act 2003.

It is the responsibility of the applicant/licensee to become acquainted with and observe the statutory requirements in respect of all activities, entertainments and undertakings the subject of any licensing application.

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