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Premises licences

Here you can find guidance and apply for a Premises Licence.

A Premises Licence is a licence granted in relation to a specific premises.

Specified on the licence will be:

  • Nature of the licensable activities;
  • hours of operation related to those activities;
  • and any applicable conditions.

A Premises Licence will last for the lifetime of the business unless:

  • The application is for a licence over a shorter period of time;
  • the premises licence holder details change;
  • or the licence is cancelled, surrendered or revoked.

How to apply

You can apply and pay for premises licences online. Payment can be made by debit or credit card.

For the current cost, please see: Licence fees.


Premises licence: Apply online

Vary a premises licence: Apply online

Minor variation to a premises or club licence: Apply online

Transfer a premises licence: Apply online

Consent to transfer: Apply online

Notification of an interest in premises: Apply online

Notification of change of name or address: Apply online

Provisional statement: Apply online

Interim authority notice: Apply online

Annual payment for a premises licence: Pay online

Designated supervisor

Additional requirements

Notice 1 : Public notice of application for grant/variation of premises licence / club premises certificate.
To be displayed on the Premises, please refer to guidance notes:

Notice 2: Notice of application for grant/variation of premises licence/club premises certificate.
To be completed and placed in the relevant newspaper, please refer to guidance notes:

Notice 3: Certificate of Posting of a Public Notice.
Declaration that Notice 1 has been displayed on the Premises (to be returned to Licensing Unit):

Other guidance

Making a representation

The Licensing Act 2003 allows residents or businesses to make representations for or against the operation of the business for which a licence is being applied.

Local residents and businesses in the vicinity of the premises may make representations. This is providing that they are relevant to any of the licensing objectives, which are:

  • The prevention of crime and disorder;
  • public safety;
  • the prevention of public nuisance;
  • and the protection of children from harm.

Representations must be submitted, in writing, by interested parties within 28 days, beginning the day after the date on which the application was given to the Licensing Authority.

Representation should be sent to:

  • Licensing
    The Licensing Unit
    Calderdale MBC
    Town Hall,
    HX1 1UJ.
  • Telephone: 01422 393001 / 393002 / 393131
  • Email:

What happens if relevant representations are made?

If representations are made, the Licensing Authority will arrange a hearing of the application by 3 members of the Licensing and Regulatory Committee sitting as a Sub Committee.

If you would like to discuss your concerns prior to submitting representations, contact the Licensing Team above. Officers may be able to arrange a meeting with the applicant to agree on ways to address your concerns, without the need for a hearing.

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