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Approved premises for food

Guidance and how to apply to establish food premises in Calderdale.

Note: If you use premises within more than one local authority, you must register with each of them.

How to apply

Select the option you need, there is no charge for this:

Food premises approval

Change a food premises approval

If you have any questions please email:

Important note: It is an offence to give information which you know to be false.

Tacit authorisation

Not applicable.

What happens to the information given on the application form?

We will respond to you within 14 days and arrange to inspect the premises and processes.

Once a decision has been made your business will either be:

  • Fully approved.
  • Conditionally approved. (Work still needs to be carried out, but the food is not at immediate risk).
  • Not approved. (We will explain the reasons why if we rejected an application.)

Once approved, we will inform the Food Standards Agency.

  • Records of the other information that you provide will not be made public. (This will only be shared within this Council, Local Government Departments and Government Agencies.)
  • The details will be used for the purpose of registration, enforcement and the protection of public funds.

More information for businesses based in Calderdale

  • Some food business might need approval if they make processed foods from raw ingredients, such as:

    • raw meat;
    • unpasteurized milk;
    • and raw fish.

    This is more likely if these are not sold to the final consumer.

  • If your business sells such products to supermarkets, catering premises or other shops you may need approval to do this. The criteria for this can be complex. We advise that you speak to one of our Environmental Health Officers to see if you need it.
  • If you process meat (mince or cut primal joints) for caterers and such, you may also need approval.

The approval criteria are higher than that for normal food business. There is also an increased level of documentation and controls. This will allow you to sell in the UK and export to Europe, when approved.

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