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Licence conditions

Conditions of licensing a temporary market in Calderdale.

A licence to hold an occasional temporary market event for charitable, amateur sporting, educational or community based organisations is subject to the following conditions being observed:

  1. The required application is submitted to the Markets Manager with 1 month's prior notice to such an event taking place and all relevant fees are paid prior to the event taking place.
  2. The organiser must have written permission for the use of the site and a copy of this permission must be forwarded with the application. Failure to do so will result in the application being refused.
  3. Each approved event for educational, charitable, amateur sporting or community based organisations will be limited to a maximum of 50 cars in cases of car boot sales and 25 pitches, stalls or spaces for other such event.
  4. The Council will limit an organisation and such sites used, to a maximum of 4 events per year.
  5. The number of pitches or spaces at the sales must not exceed the number determined by the Council's Markets Manager. This will be in the form of written consent. The Council reserve the right to undertake inspection of all approved events. This is to make sure that all written consent and conditions given are complied with.
  6. Pitches or spaces must not be given to commercial traders and no vans exceeding 10cwt carrying capacity or commercial vehicles are permitted.
  7. Each and every trader at such approved event shall sell or display only articles surplus to their own domestic requirements usually described as jumble or bric-a-brac including books, records, small second hand domestic furniture and equipment, etc. and approved specialist items and approved home made goods. Where items of fresh food are sold, the storage and shall of such products shall conform to all applicable Food Safety Legislation. Traders selling new items and goods bought in for re-sale including any of the above similar items shall not be permitted.
  8. All goods must be openly displayed for sale and no items should be conspicuously hidden, from sale.
  9. The site of the event, all roads and approaches must be left in a clean and tidy condition and free from litter immediately after the close of the sale.
  10. The organiser shall not cause or permit notices or posters advertising of the event to be displayed on lamp-posts, buildings etc, without the permission of the owners of these premises or in contravention of the Planning, Highway and other specific Legislation and Local Byelaws.
  11. The organiser of the event must ensure that all vehicles of visitors to the sale are parked in the identified parking areas within the site. Each parking space must be clearly marked and adequate provisions made for the entry and exit of vehicles.
  12. The organiser must ensure that no vehicles of visitors to the sale event are parked on adjoining roads to the site of the event and must arrange for an adequate number of responsible persons to be present at the entrance during the event to ensure that this condition is complied with.
  13. The organiser shall not cause or permit any noise or nuisance to the residents in the neighbourhood of the event.
  14. All advertising relating to the sale must include 'Calderdale MBC Approved'.
  15. Action will be taken against any organiser who displays signs including 'Calderdale MBC Approved' who have not obtained previous written consent of the Local Authority.
  16. The Council reserves the right to refuse permission to hold a car boot sale on the grounds that it is likely to detrimentally affect the legitimate markets and fairs of the Borough or is unnecessary or undesirable for any reason.
  17. Consent will not be granted for future events to any person or organisation who breach any of these conditions.

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