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Hebden Bridge open market

Surrounded by beautiful countryside, Hebden Bridge market trades four days a week.

Hebden Bridge has long been a mecca for poets, artists and musicians. They seek inspiration amongst the cobbled streets, mill houses and stunning Pennine countryside.

Locals and visitors alike head for the market in search of exquisite locally produced food and other goods.. The stall holders have no problem in making sure the discerning shopper is not disappointed. 

The market’s origins date back to 1835. It started from a fair for the sale of horses and pigs on Whit Monday. Around 1888 it was developed into a cattle market. This was held on the last Friday of the month in the inn yards of the hotel keepers. It is not known when the cattle market ceased to operate. By 1921 a general market had taken its place each Thursday.

The market offers a mouth-watering mixture of produce, from home-made pies and pastries to cheeses, fish and locally-reared meats. You can also find hand-crafted goods, incense and plants grown just down the road. This mix means that this small, buzzing market can punch way above its weight for quality and unusual produce.

Also, if you want to grab a bargain, look no further than Friday's second-hand market.

Hebden Bridge Market has big aspirations. For some stall holders these are to champion Fair Trade or local produce and for others it’s going organic. Many of us are changing the way we shop and Hebden Bridge market is leading the way!

The Market operates Thursday (General Retail), Friday (Preloved and Second Hand), Saturday (Arts and Crafts) and Sunday (Local Produce).


Old Lees Yard

St George Square

Hebden Bridge


For information on nearby parking see Hebden Bridge parking.

Opening times

Day Hours
Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: Closed
Thursday: 9am to 4pm
Friday: 9am to 4pm
Saturday: 9am to 4pm
Sunday: 9am to 4pm
  • Thursday: Fresh produce and general retail. 
  • Friday: Second hand.
  • Saturday: Arts, crafts and artisan products.
  • Sunday: Local produce and food.


Trading details

  • Facilities: Disabled toilet.
  • Number of stalls: 36
  • Current charges: Stalls are £12 (Friday), £15 (Thursday/Saturday) and £22.50 (Sunday).

Would you like to sell goods on one of our open markets? To find out how, please see: Trading on an open market.

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