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Ward forums

Here you can find out about the forums where you can have your say.

Do you want to have your say about local issues that are important to you?

  • Comment on schools, roads, street cleaning and anything else that concerns you, directly to councillor and senior council staff?
  • Get feedback on what difference your input has made?

Attend your local ward forum and give us your views!

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Which forum covers your ward?

There are 17 local electoral areas (wards) in Calderdale, each has three Councillors to represent you. These Councillors make decisions on how money is spent and how services are delivered to you.

The Forums


At forums, you can get involved in what happens in your local area and discuss what is important to you. By working together we can talk about local issues and plan for the future.


We want to improve what we do for local people. So it is important to understand what you want by getting your views directly, through open meetings.


Forums are open to anyone who lives, works or learns in Calderdale. It is your chance to tell us what you think and make a difference to your neighbourhood.

The meetings are a great place to meet your local Councillors, Council staff, Police and other services we work with. There will be a chance to network and chat informally.


Meetings take place four times a year in all 17 wards. They usually start at 6 or 6.30pm and end around 8.30pm, unless otherwise stated.


The meeting will have an agenda, which will include:

  • Contributions from the Council, Neighbourhood Policing Team and other services.
  • Specific items of concern/interest in your area that have been raised by people at previous meetings.
  • Open forum where anyone can have their say, we want to hear from you.

If we cannot answer you on the evening, we will get you the answer after the meeting.

What if I cannot get to a ward forum?

Do you have a concern or issue you want us to take to the meeting on your behalf? Contact the Ward Forum Team who will be happy to help:

What happens after the meeting?

We will keep you updated on how your views feed into the work of the Council.

You can sign up to get our newsletter by email (where available). We will need your email address.

Ward forum grant scheme

For details about this, see: Ward forum grants.

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