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Inclusive Economy Strategy

Here you can find out about our Inclusive Economy Strategy.

We adopted this in November 2018. Our aim is to have a more locally inclusive economy as part of our Vision 2024, where everyone benefits.

By this, we mean a growing economy that:

  • Has greater equality;
  • and builds a future that can be sustained in both financial and environment terms.

We will focus on six key areas:

  • Growth and Investment. Unlock the growth potential of our businesses and bring new investment and jobs to the borough.
  • Social Value and Anchors. Work with other large public, private and third sector groups to get better social value from our spending and recruitment.
  • Access to Good Work. Make sure everyone has access to good jobs with good pay, terms and conditions and good chances to progress.
  • Young People and Lifelong Learning. Help our young people (and other workers) to use their talents and have the chance to develop new skills.
  • People and Places. Support our unique towns, villages and neighbourhoods to thrive.
  • Target our Efforts. Make sure we all work together to target our effort and resources to get the best outcome.

Our method is based on a strong belief that we must all work together to create growth that benefits everyone. This includes:

  • Businesses.
  • Public sector.
  • Voluntary and community sector.
  • Local people.

The joint efforts of all parts of our local society will be powerful and greatly improve our chances of success. This will bring together everyone's talents for the benefit of all.

For details of the strategy, please read:

For details of how we are tackling poverty in Calderdale, see: Tackling poverty in Calderdale.

To find out more or to talk to our team, email:

UK Shared Prosperity Fund (UKSPF)

For more about this place-based project, see: UKSPF.

Business support

Business start up one to ones with the BIPC. For details, please see: Free business support.

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