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Community cohesion

Here you can find out about the Community Cohesion Action Plan that supports community cohesion in Calderdale.

'One Calderdale, many communities'

A stable and cohesive society is vital for our future prosperity and quality of life in Calderdale. Removing barriers between communities, while encouraging mutual understanding and respect, is high on our agenda.

We want Calderdale to be a place where everyone has the best quality of life possible. Where everyone has the opportunity to fulfil their true potential. A place where people are (and feel) safe and where people from all communities feel they belong.

Our vision is a Calderdale where we recognise and celebrate difference. Where all statutory organisations seek to meet individual needs through appropriate and accessible services.

Our Cohesive Communities Strategy (2018 - 2023) sets out a number of key priorities to develop integrated and cohesive communities in Calderdale. Priorities identified in the strategy will be delivered through an action plan:

It will also be supported by our Inclusive Growth and Anti-Poverty action plans. All these seek to reduce inequalities and help us achieve our ambition to be the 'Best borough in the north'.

Comments about the action plan should be addressed to:

  • Sarah Richardson:
  • Assistant Director - Customer Services
  • Public Services

    Westgate House


    HX1 1PS
  • Telephone: 078 721 00667
  • Email:

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