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Priorities and performance

Read about the Council's priorities for improvement and the tools we use to deliver improvement and change.

Our mission and priorities

Our priorities are Strong and Resilient Towns, Reducing Inequalities and Climate Emergency. These will help us to achieve and deliver the required change and transformation work in the coming years.

Care quality commission's reports

The Care Quality Commission carries out checks on care facilities registered by Calderdale Council. You can see reports they have published for completed check on there website.

Corporate Peer Challenge (CPC) 2023

The Corporate Peer Challenge (CPC), set up by the Local Government Association, invites a small team of officers and political members from councils across the UK with the goal of providing challenge and support to Calderdale Council. 

Corporate Plan

This Corporate Plan, which sets out our strategic way forward, aims to take our distinctiveness, talent, enterprise, kindness and resilience to the next level.

Council performance report

Here you can view information on key performance indicators. These are selected due to their direct impact upon residents of Calderdale.

Customer Experience Framework

We want to make sure all our customers, whatever their needs, have a good experience when they interact with us. Whether your voice was heard in the past or not!

Digital Calderdale

Digital Calderdale provides a one stop shop for all things digital … we have it all!

Joint strategic needs assessment

Here you can find out about the Joint Strategic Needs Assessment (JSNA) in Calderdale.

Ofsted inspection reports

This link will take you to the Ofsted inspection reports for Calderdale.

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