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How do I know if I am addicted to drugs?

For many, casual use of drugs does not lead to drug addiction. If you are thinking obsessively and compulsively about using drugs, you have a problem. Even when you are not actually using drugs, you could have overwhelming cravings to do so. It is important to get help sooner rather than later and seek the support of treatment services.

You do not have to go through it alone and help is confidential. Meet others that may be going through the same as you are.

For a list of groups and drug helplines, please visit: Calderdale in Recovery.

You will find information on drugs, drug rehab (rehabilitation), drug and alcohol addiction and drug treatments. They are made up of people who have experienced drug or alcohol addiction and understand.

I think my friend or family member might be addicted to drugs, what should I do?

For a list of drug treatment services, visit: Calderdale in Recovery .

You can talk to someone for support and get confidential and friendly advice. They can also help with alcohol problems.

Have you successfully quit drugs and want to help others to quit?

Calderdale in Recovery has a list of drug treatment services and support groups you can contact and offer your help.

Sometimes people need to realise they are not on their own. Your story could inspire others and make all the difference! So, get in touch, phone: 01422 266170.

What are the drug facts in Calderdale?

In 2012-13, 918 people made the choice to improve their lives and asked for help to quit drugs.

They are now undergoing drug treatment and the majority are being treated for opiate and crack cocaine. These are the most difficult and addictive drugs.

Other help ands links

To find other organisations that offer support and advise on health, please contact: Gateway to Care.

To protect other people from harm, please dispose of unwanted needles and drugs sensibly, see: Clinical waste.