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Our workforce

The Council is made up of two groups:

  • The first is the body of 51 elected Councillors or Members.
  • The second is our workforce employed to deliver and commission local services.

The second group of people often referred to as the Council are its workforce. They deliver or commission services for the local community. We have four service areas, known as Directorates and the Chief Executive's Office. In these, our staff have delegated authority to progress the hundreds of services that we delivers.

We are the second largest employer in the area with around 2,700 people. (This does not include school's based staff.) They work in a variety of occupations that include social work, catering, cleaning, gardening, customer service and more.

Whatever the job, we have the experts at hand who believe in making a difference in our community. Together they have the skills, abilities and expertise needed to deliver high quality, value for money services to our residents.

We take care to match the right people with the right skills and attitudes to the right jobs. Simply put, we believe in recruiting the best. Our employees have the chance of a rewarding career, with personal and career development. They are also part of a team that is shaping the future of Calderdale.

For more about what we do, please see: Directorates and service areas.