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Directorates and service areas

Find out about the management and structure of our Council.

Calderdale Council is made up of five Directorates and the Chief Executive's Office:

Each Directorate controls a different area of services and is headed by a Director.


Our structure

  • Chief Executive: Robin Tuddenham.
    • Head of Legal and Democratic Services: Ian Hughes.
    • Communications Service Manager: Lucy Bradwell.


    • Director of Public Services: Ian Day.
      • Assistant Director - Neighbourhoods: Andrew Pitts.
      • Assistant Director - Customer Services: Sarah Richardson.
    • Director of Regeneration and Strategy: Shelagh O'Neill
      • Assistant Director - Strategic Infrastructure: Adrian Gill.
      • Assistant Director - Economy, Housing and Investment: Kate McNicholas.
      • Corporate Lead - Planning: Richard Seaman.
      • Corporate Lead - Major Projects: Jess Thompson.
      • Corporate Lead - Corporate Asset and Facilities Management: Alan Lee.
    • Director of Adult Services and Wellbeing: Cath Gormally.
      • Assistant Director - Operations and Wellbeing in Adult Services: Anne Flanagan.
      • Assistant Director - Integrated Commissioning and Partnerships: Jill Holbert.
    • Director of Children and Young People’s Services: Julie Jenkins.
      • Assistant Director (Interim) - Education and Inclusion: Paul Tinsley.
      • Assistant Director - Early Intervention and Safeguarding: Diane Drury.
    • Director of Public Health: Deborah Harkins.
      • Public Health Consultant: Vicki Spencer-Hughes.
      • Public Health Consultant: Ben Leaman.
    • Director of Resources and Transformation: Becky McIntyre.
      • Assistant Director - IT and Digital: Karl Grocock.
      • Head of Head of Human Resources and Organisational Development: Jackie Addison.

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