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Twin towns - Bramsche

Bramsche, Germany.

Map showing location of Bramsche in relation to Todmorden

Bramsche (population 25,000+), twinned with Todmorden, is a small town in Lower Saxony. Just north of Osnabruck, it can be reached in less than 24 hours via the overnight ferry from Hull to Rotterdam.

An old weaving centre with an industrial heritage not dissimilar to Todmorden, Bramsche has:

  • Pleasant rural surroundings.
  • A beautiful old town featuring half timbered buildings.
  • A conspicuous bright red telephone box, courtesy of the Todmorden Town Twinning Association.

Modern industry has developed around the historic centre of the town and the living standards are comparatively high. Bramsche Square in Todmorden is dedicated to this, our first twin town.



German language site showcasing the town of Bramsche with sections related to a wide range of area issues, including schools, politics and the town itself.

Todmorden Town Twinning Association (TTTA)

Town twinning helps people from different countries to exchange regular visits. Members stay in each others homes, experience each others way of life and lasting friendships form between families and guests.

The TTTA helps by arranging the group travel. They introduce Todmorden people to their hosts in our two twin towns:

  • Bramsche (western Germany).
  • Roncq (northern France).

They also arrange places to stay, events and other things to do for groups visiting Todmorden.

Formed in 1978, the TTTA continues to have successful annual exchange visits with groups of between 30 and 60 people. This makes us the envy of Calderdale and many larger towns/cities in the UK. Our success depends on getting new people to join, especially younger families, who live in or around the Todmorden area. We also encourage local groups to take part, such as football teams, music groups, Judo and Tennis clubs and more.

We prefer members to go on trips to either Bramsche or Roncq (or both!), as well as be hosts for visitors when they come here. Do not worry if you are unable to put visitors up, you can easily help out in other ways. We are as flexible as possible and aim to "twin" people together by age and interests. Also, we find somewhere for those who may want a different host the next time.

  • To encourage young families, children 14 or under travel for 50% of the full price.
  • Children up to 15 years old can travel without their family. This is only possible if a named adult on the trip accepts full responsibility.

TTTA is made up of:

  • An elected Chairman;
  • a Management Committee;
  • and a social sub-committee who work together for both Bramsche and Roncq.
  • There is a secretary for Bramsche and one for Roncq.
  • An AGM is held in February each year to elect officers.
  • TTTA is bound by a written constitution.

Why not get involved?

Applications for membership are invited from all Todmorden residents or the surrounding area, within reason. Also, any organisation or body based in the town.

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