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Twin towns - Musoma

Musoma (Tanzania) twinned with Calderdale

Musoma is in the Mara region, North West of Tanzania.

Find out about the Calderdale - Musoma Twinning Association.

It has national boundaries on Lake Victoria to the West and Kenya to the North. It includes part of the Serengeti National Park to the East.

  • Its area is about the size of Wales.
  • Population: (about) 3,000,000.
  • It is the local centre of administration for around 40,000 people.

The region is relatively poor and undeveloped by Tanzanian standards.

  • It is an agricultural area producing crops such as sisal, cotton, cassava, millet, potatoes, maize and coffee.
  • Livestock farming is of cattle, goats and sheep and there is some fishing in Lake Victoria.
  • Drought is a factor affecting every culture.
  • Health care and education suffer from a lack of resources.
  • It is understood that there is only one major paved road in the region.

The United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania has some of the most spectacular scenery in Africa, including Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain on the continent.

Almost one-third of the country is reserved as national parks or reserves. The most famous of these is the Serengeti Plain and its countless herds of wildlife.

  • Current population: 32 million people.
  • Capital city: Dodoma.
  • Currency: Tanzania Shilling.
  • Official languages: English and Swahili.

Like Kenya, the climate varies with the terrain. The Indian Ocean coastline is tropical, while the central highlands are moderate and semi-dry.

Tourism, coffee, tea and diamonds are significant economic factors in this generally poor country.

Calderdale - Musoma Twinning Association

In 1992, we twinned with Musoma town council at a ceremony attended by the Tanzanian High Commission. This was along with voluntary organisations and residents of Calderdale.

Since then:

  • We have helped an officer of Musoma Town Council to complete a business studies course at Huddersfield University.
  • With help from "Tools for Self-Reliance", sewing machines have been collected and refurbished by people in Calderdale. Then sent to a co-operative in Musoma.
  • Schools in Calderdale and Musoma have established contacts through exchanges of greetings cards and photographs between pupils.

With your help we would like to do small scale, but effective projects in Musoma in these fields:

  • Business advice.
  • Health provision.
  • Education links.
  • Improve water supply.

We are also keen to arrange visits to Musoma. Young people have the chance to experience Africa via an exchange or gap year projects.

To move forward, we need new members. If you want to get involved or just want to know more, we would love to hear from you.

Why not get involved?

If the above inspires you and you want to know more, please contact Jo Ngan by email:

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