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Twin towns - Strakonice

Strakonice, Czech Republic, twinned with Calderdale

This is one of the smaller districts of the Ceské Budejovice region.

It is between the foothills of the Šumava and Brdy hills, in the valley of the gold-bearing River Otava. It has a continental climate.

Find out about the Calderdale - Strakonice Twinning Association.

Population and local government

  • There are 70,000 people that live in 107 villages and the towns of Strakonice, Blatná, Vodnany, Volyne and Bavorov.
  • Almost 60% of them live in the towns.

Local economy

There is a mixed farming and industry.

  • 65% of the land is used for farming. (This is above the national average of 59%.)
  • Deposits of limestone, clay and sand are exploited for commerce.
  • Most industry is engineering, food and textiles. This is mainly in Strakonice, Blatná and Volyne.


The castle, Strakonice

The town is where the Volynka and Otava rivers meet.

The 12th century castle was built by the Bavor family and was declared a national cultural monument in 1997.

An exhibition there traces the history of the town from the earliest Celtic settlement, which includes the:

  • Development of bagpipes. (The town is the home of the world Bagpipe Festival, which is held every two years).
  • Production of fezzes.
  • Famous CZ motorcycles.


The castle, Blatná

Blatná is on the river Lomnice within the Brdy forests.

People have lived in the area since the 4th century BC.

It became important and prosperous in the 15/16th centuries and was granted a town charter by Emperor Rudolf II.

Today, it is known as the "Town of Roses". This is thanks to a rose grower, J. Bohm, who created plantations here after WWI.

Fish farming has always been an important part of the local economy.

Pretty Blatná Castle is a moated chateau set in a landscaped Deer Park and is well worth a visit.


Men fishing in Vodnany

Surrounded by water, it has a long tradition of fish farming.

By the late 15th century, the network of ponds that define the area were in place.

The original town walls can still be seen.


Parkland and stream, Volyne

Volyne is known as the "Gate to Šumava". This is due to its position sitting astride the River Volynka, on the centuries-old route from Vimperk to Strakonice.

The local museum has artefacts that show a Slavonic settlement dating from the 7th century.


Calderdale - Strakonice Twinning Association

This was set up in 1993. It is to foster links between the people of Calderdale and those of the Strakonice Region (Czech Republic).

There are branches in both districts where it is run by members. The committees meet often to sort visits between the two areas and some social and fund-raising events.

The visits may be able to get a EU grant towards travel costs and also admin/entertainment costs.

The Czech side does a full programme of visits and social events for visitors from Calderdale. They will live with families when they are there.

The Calderdale side do similar visits and events when there is a visit from Strakonice.

Why not get involved?

Membership is open to anyone living in (or connected with) Calderdale.

We also welcome people with an interest in the Strakonice District or the Czech Republic.

New members are very welcome.


To be put on the mailing list and get to know about meetings and events, please email:

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