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Learning and development for childcare providers

The Early Years and Childcare learning and development programme links to EYFS.

The way that Calderdale provides learning and development is changing. This is due to a decline in use of the Early Years and Childcare programme over the last five years.

After a consultation with Early Years and Childcare providers, we now offer a blended approach. This will be designed to fit your preferred learning and development needs.

Our offer

Events that focus on essential areas, such as:

  • Communication and language;
  • safeguarding in Calderdale;
  • and supporting positive behaviour.

Our teams will still offer support, such as:

  • Early Years Improvement Team. Will offer themed network meetings and Sharing Good Practice sessions.
  • Portage and Early Years Support Team. Will provide essential inclusion sessions and SENCO networks.

Safeguarding training

Calderdale Safeguarding Partnership provides a learning and development programme. Their programme:

  • Supports both children's and adult's workforce knowledge and understanding of safeguarding.
  • Provides e-learning, virtual and face to face training.

The children's workforce training relates to Tiers on the Continuum of Need and Response. All practitioners that work directly with children should complete training to a minimum of levels 2 and 3.

The Early Years Team plan to provide face to face and virtual training sessions. These will consider:

  • The Early Years Foundation Stages requirements.
  • Local procedures and how they impact on your policies and practice.

Note: You must make sure that you access training that suits your role and level of responsibility.

For more details and the chart to identify your training needs, please read: 

SEND training

Dingley’s Promise

This is a national project supported by Comic Relief. We have been chosen to take part in it until June 2026. 

The project provides free training to all early years settings, schools and health/social care workers.

The courses are for anyone who works in (or with) early years settings, which includes parents.

The courses

  1. Introduction to early years inclusive practice.
  2. Early years transitions.
  3. Managing behaviours that challenge.
  4. Having difficult conversations with families

We want as many people as possible to take the training in each setting. This will help you to achieve the 'Master Level Kitemark' as an inclusion friendly setting.

  • The course is not assessed or accredited.
  • You get a certificate at the end of each course and a final one when you complete the whole programme.


  • Each person will need register for the training.
  • There is no deadline to sign up and you can use an email address of your choice.
  • You will be contacted by Dingley's within five working days to get you set up.

If you have any problems signing up, please contact Dingley's Promise Training:

SEND training videos

Supporting documents

For other training offers, such as Autism, Makaton and Intensive Interaction please look on our SEND Support Facebook page.

For a copy of the Derbyshire Tracker please contact your SEND Support Officer.

Event details and how to book

Details and dates for events, good practice sessions and early years training is published to:

For Inclusion training and SENCO network dates, email:

Visit: Training and development (Safeguarding Calderdale) for the programme of training, access instructions and privacy notice.

Before you book for an event, please read our early years learning and development programme privacy notice, this tells you what we do with your information.

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