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Church of England, Voluntary Aided schools

There are a number of voluntary aided schools within Calderdale which share common elements of their oversubscription criteria.

The information below should be read along with the individual school's criteria where this has been highlighted as being applicable.

Parish boundary/priority area

  1. A map showing the ecclesiastical parish boundary is available at the school.
  2. A map showing the admissions priority area for admission is available at the school.

Regular worshipper

This is a person who worships at least twice per month for a period of two years prior to the closing date for applications. (Unless the individual school's policy states otherwise.) The worshipper could be one or both parents of the child.

At the heart of the church

A regular worshipper. A person who worships at least twice per month. The worshipper could be one or both parents.

Attached to the church

A regular but not frequent worshipper. A person who usually attends a monthly family service or is regularly involved in a weekday church activity including an element of worship.

In the event that during the period specified for attendance at worship the church (or, in relation to those of other faiths, relevant place of worship) has been closed for public worship and has not provided alternative premises for that worship, the requirements of these [admissions] arrangements in relation to attendance will only apply to the period when the church (or in relation to those of other faiths, relevant place of worship) or alternative premises have been available for public worship.

Supplementary information form

If a parent is submitting a 'Supplementary information form' (SIF) to provide confirmation of Christian commitment, the form (which is available from the school) should be signed by the Vicar, Rector, Priest in Charge, etc. During an interregnum (ministerial vacancy) the form should be signed by a Churchwarden. Failure to complete this form may affect the oversubscription criteria in which your child is placed.

Parents/guardians having moved to become resident in the parish mentioned within the school's oversubscription criteria, having been on the Electoral Roll of another Anglican parish, will qualify upon proof of membership being provided by the priest of that other parish.

Distance measurements

If there is oversubscription within any category, then pupils will be admitted in the order of proximity of the pupil's home to the school. Distance will be calculated using a straight line measurement from the pupil's home to the closest designated school gate. Distance will be calculated using the Local Authority's GIS (Geographical Information System). To ensure consistency applies, all measurements will be carried out by the Local Authority's GIS and no other method of measuring distance will be considered. Each property has a coordinate taken from Ordnance Survey ADDRESS-POINT data. This is the point from which distance measurements will be taken from.


This includes all those who have a parental responsibility for a child as set out in the Children Act 1989.

Where responsibility for a child is 'shared', the person receiving Child Benefit is deemed to be the parent responsible for completing application forms. It will be their address that is used for admissions purposes.

Home address and residing in

The Home address will be the address used for correspondence related to where 'Child Benefit' is paid. In cases where there is doubt of the home address or where a child lives between two homes (split families) or other relevant circumstances, proof of the home address must be provided to the school to confirm the address used on the application form. The home address will be the address that complies with the above at the closing date for applications set by the Local Authority.

Families who are due to move house should provide one of these:

  • A Solicitor's letter confirming that exchange of contracts has taken place on the purchase of a property.
  • A copy of the current rental agreement, signed by both the tenants and the landlords, showing the address of the property.
  • In the case of serving HM Forces personnel, an official letter confirming their date of posting from the MOD, FCO or GCHQ.

Other Christian Churches

See, Churches Together in England.

  • The Baptist Union of Great Britain.
  • Cherubim and Seraphim Council of Churches.
  • Church of England.
  • Church of Scotland.
  • Congregational Federation.
  • Council of African and Afro-Caribbean Churches.
  • Council of Oriental Orthodox Christian Churches.
  • Free Churches' Council.
  • Greek Orthodox Church.
  • Ichthus Christian Fellowship.
  • Independent Methodist Churches.
  • International Ministerial Council of Great Britain.
  • Joint Council for Anglo-Caribbean Churches.
  • Lutheran Council of Great Britain.
  • Methodist Church.
  • Moravian Church.
  • New Testament Assembly.
  • Religious Society of Friends.
  • Roman Catholic Church.
  • Russian Orthodox Church.
  • Salvation Army.
  • United Reform Church.
  • Wesleyan Holiness Church.

The term 'Sibling' is defined as:

  • A full or half brother or sister.
  • A step brother or sister.
  • An adoptive brother or sister.
  • The children of parents living together in the same family household.

Step brother, step sister, half brother and half sister are defined as children who belong to only one parent living in the same family household.

The Governing Body/Academy Trust will, as far as possible, admit twins, triplets or children from other multiple births under the excepted rule.

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